I'm a Content Creator

I’m a content creator,

Not a content replicator,

But when I was younger I wanted nothing more than to fit in.

But when I grew up,

It turned up,

That people liked me more when I was different.

Sure I could sway to the beliefs of a world where it’s best to be unspoken,


But I’d rather live in a place where I can be who I am and not looked down upon for being absurd.

That’s why I stopped.  

I didn’t stop listening to what people thought about me,

Because in the end do you really want to keep living and breathing without caring about your surroundings?

I stopped listening to the voice inside me that told me I wasn’t good enough.

The reminders I received when I looked in the mirror

Because what I saw then wasn’t me.

It was what I had become from trying to be like everyone else.

Slowly but surely I broke away.

Broke from the norms of society.

Broke away from the people who liked me when I wasn’t truly me.

I stopped making my poems rhyme even though everyone else’s did.

I found out that the person trying to escape was so much more than someone I thought I would strive to be.

I looked myself in the eye and refused to be someone I wasn’t.

And then I met the beautiful person I actually was. 


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