My Beauty is Flawless


My beauty is flawless

 It doesn't cost more nor cost less

My beauty doesn't come from the magazines of Ebony and Essence

My beauty comes from how I grace others with my presence.


 My beauty is not all about being perfect on the outside

My beauty is what I feel on the inside

My beauty isn't based on my personality

My beauty is based on my naturality.


It doesn't matter the clothes I wear

Or how I put up my hair

Or the tone of my skin,

I have beauty within.


Negative criticism of my outward beauty has been shown to blame

But as of now, I've have put them all to shame

My beauty is so skin deep

That it'll make my heart weep.

God created me as an image of his own

So that he can see that a beautiful rose has grown.

My beauty is not outside of me

My beauty is in me

When my beauty is shown, It'll be for everyone to see.

It may not cost more nor may cost less

But I'll know that my beauty is flawless. 



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