A 5 Word Life Story


Blissful years gently sway by

I’m just dancing through life

average life for average girl

but one blistering winter night

a cough and a sniffle

endless nights struggling to rest

foods don’t taste the same

never ending battle for survival

hospital after hospital, nothing's wrong

no after no's go past

something's wrong, it's not fake

another cough, couch time increases

tests, scans, pills, trials galore

nothing is working for me

“I’m not saying she’s crazy

but go see a psychologist.”

no one believes in me

feels like claws are ripping

a buzzing in my head

a catch of the breath

why can't I just breath?

it used to be easy

my view is now limited

the sights are from chairs

or a bed or couch

it does not get better

the fog enters the mind

what was I just doing?

the brain forgets so much

what are the monkey bars?

or what is my name?

simple things just out of reach

the weariness stays the same

but a change in tide

and suddenly the attitude changes

and the view doesn't matter

a new perspective, fresh outlook

people can accomplish almost anything

I can't run or jump

but I can think complexly

I can inspire and encourage

I can create beautiful masterpieces

character is formed through trials

the couch can be limiting

but the mind never is.

I am my role model.


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