Look At Me


Look at me.
Do you see me?
Or do you see this mask of foundation that i am wearing.
I am not this wig that you see 
or the Afro that I rocked last week.
I am not the angry black woman that you believe me to be as you pass me on the 
I am flawless.

Look at me.
Do you see me?
Look past this appearance.
Look into my eyes and tell me what you find,
I was told that they are the windows to my soul.
And this must mean that there is more to me to learn than the average 20 year 
Because my eyes are larger than life itself.
If you look just beyond my pupils you can see me.
The walls that I built up around my heart.
The memories of the heart break and broken trust.
You can see me.
The love that I have inside of me.
The memories of family and friends laughing and smiling together
You can see me,
My true desires, my wishes, and dreams of all kind.
My strong faith in God which is the only thing getting me by.
You can see me,
All of my insecurities
Everything that makes me question who I am or what they see.

Can you see me?
Can you see how flawless I really am?
Or are you having a hard time getting past my looks.
Tell me is it the big brown eyes or the "white girl" lips?
The small boobs or the thick hips?
Because you sure aren't looking at my mind.
There is no way that you can tell that my pen is stronger than any sword you can imagine,
My voice although soft can inspire anyone who takes the time to lend an ear.
No way that you knew that athletically I was a beast,
Throw me on the soccer field with an athlete of any age and I would demolish 
But you knew this right?
When you watched me walk by,
You could just tell once you saw that I had stretch marks on my thighs,
Or maybe it was the heels that gave it away.
Maybe once you saw the shoe you knew everything about me.

When asked, "do you like what you see?"
He responded "definitely".
So I told him to tell me which part was best in his belief.
He looked me up and down and said "it's got to be that booty".
So I walked away, leaving him there confused
Because no matter how hard he was looking, he didn't take the time to see

So let me introduce myself and give you a glimpse of me.
I am who most aspire to be.

I am flawless. 

Shakoyah D. Brown
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