I Woke Up Like 'Dis

Yes honey, I woke up like this

Better yet, I was born like ths

My confidence is hard to miss

Being flawless is number one on the list


Ever since I was younger, my confidence has radiated from within

I've never been pressured into the hype of being slim or thin


My even-tempered personality is one of my many attributes

And my style, swag, and sass also help contribute


I take pride in how Iook

And I know how to dress

If I can help it;

I never look a hot mess


To top it off, I'm independent, and I have my own mind

Like a rare gem among a pile of rocks; I'm one of a kind


I'm not cocky; in fact I'm very humble

Complaining is a waste of time so you'll hardly hear me grumble

By now, I'm positive you get my gist

Because these are the things that make me flawless



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