Pure Imperfection (based off the song F**kin Perfect by P!nk)

Im not a pefect girl;

Never have been, never will be.

With this statement,

I can fully agree.


I've made bad decisions,

Gone a wrong turn once or twice.

I was looking for perfection;

Ignoring all the given advice.


I've always been mistreated,

Misplaced, misunderstood.

I've always felt like

Miss "no way it's all good".


I've made mistakes,

Always second guessed.

I never took enough time,

To realize that I'd been blessed.


If you feel like you're nothing,

Maybe less than perfect,

Pretty, pretty please,

Just stop it, and object!


Forget talking trash,

About yourself in your head.

Change the voices.

To the better instead.


Being filled with so much hatred;

It's become a tired game.

I've chased away my demons,

And you should do the same.


Don't lie to yourself,

And don't try too hard.

Just swallow your fears,

And forget how you've been scarred.


Stop looking for the critics;

They are everywhere.

Why do you do that?

It'll just cause you despair.


If you take a step back,

And truly think about it,

You are strong enough,

To deliver the next hit.


Forget the silly idea,

Of trying to reach perfection.

Just be yourself,

And live with pure imperfection.




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