I Am Flawless

When you look at me, 
What do you see?

You see long, brown hair,
You see big, blue eyes.
You see crooked teeth with braces,
You see a curved forehead with pimples.

When you look at me,
What do you see?

You see a belly that sticks out a bit,
You see thighs that brush as I walk.
You see calves that aren't toned,
You see feet that are very small.

When I look at me,
What do I see?

I see hair that babies love to pull on,
I see eyes that mirror your sadness.
I see a smile that loves to show itself,
I see a forehead hiding knowledge.

When I look at me, 
What do I see?

I see a belly that loves to laugh,
I see a lap for children to sit on.
I see calves that curl up under me when I read,
I see feet that want to walk beside you.

I see the real me.
I am flawless.

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