My Flaws Make Me Flawless

Watching Christmas movies in July.

Singing off key to the radio.

Expressing my feelings all the time.

Crying just to cry.

Loving  my dog like she is my baby.

Lauging at the wrong moment.

Questioning everything that is thrown upon me.

Reading til the wee hours of the moring.

Not being popular.

Having my thighs touch each other.

Having the wrong body.

Not having a boyfrienfd (not even a first kiss).

Hanging out with my mom.

Being naive.

All of these things are my flaws and without them

I wouldn't exist. I would be a mindless robot.

Following the next trend, not a free spirit who doesn't care.

No one else has these exact flaws in the world.

Just me.

My flaws make me unique.

My flaws make me Flawless.



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