Is it Worth It?


Hands swiping the screen

Hot, sweaty fingers ruining the perfectly delicate smooth glass shield of the device

Two pairs of eyes, feeling the burn of the blinding light

Two pairs of eyes wanting to rest but its owner refuse to let them

Having a staring contest with an app for two hours

Was it worth it?


Is it worth a thumbs up on Facebook, a like on Instagram, or a tweet on Twitter?

Was it worth a hundred pins or ten thousand likes?

Most of all, is it worth wasting our lives, staring at a screen and receiving nothing other than the personal satisfaction of ruining a perfect selfie?

Is shouldn’t be


The photos that should receive likes, pins, and be commented on are the one that only bare memories

My photos are nothing but memories of pure joy

I am something without filters

I am a person, I am a genuine soul

I am beautiful, natural, authentic, and true

And no Vintage, Sun Rise, Hi-Lo

Black and White is going to cover that beauty

I am done telling lies and saying that this is the real me

The real me has pimples from stress and dark circles from restless nights

The real me has a crappy phone that takes poor selfies but it’s okay


No filter can determine the value of my phone or sum up the quality of my life

No filter can determine my culinary skills and the taste of my food

Most of all no filter will determine if I am beautiful inside and out.


I may not be flawless but I am worth it


This poem is about: 
Our world


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