Slighty Dazzled


Chocolate ringlets placed delicately over her shoulder.

Glittering eyes brighter than the stars.

She turns to face him and he is blinded by the light she radiates.

Spinning around and waltzing the other way he is left in awe.

She bids him to follow her.

Her porcelain skin clings to her fragile bones.

But she isn’t too careful.

She dances and floats in a soft pink dress.

Jewels around her neck pull her forward as she falls into his arms.

She gently leaves a red motif on his cheek.

From the very beginning he was hers and she knew it.

As she pulled away, she hid her teeth behind a crimson smile.

Quickly drifting away, he reached for her wishing to pull her close again.

Too bad girls are more like butterflies.

Pretty to see, but oh so hard to catch.


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