The Big Mutation

Sun, 12/21/2014 - 17:49 -- bcbold2

Small since before birth,

that has never changed.

No matter my age.


My genes got mixed up

causing me to be different,

causing me to be small.


I may be the tiniest of my family,

the tiniest of my friends,

the tiniest of my class.


But I am tall.

I am tall in personality.

I am tall in strength.


The mix-ups in my genes

may make me small

and be considered by all to be imperfections,

or mutations.


But to me

they are perfectly fine.

They are me.


My height doesn’t indicate

what I can be

or what I am.


Height is just a number.

And I can outgrow it.

I can be bigger than the mutations


that make me, me.

The mutations that make me,



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