A Note to the Blind

I can see the world above 

A full village made of love

The clouds there serve as ground
A place you'll be safe and sound
I also see the world below
Fiery red with an orange glow
The people there are very scared
They regret whatever brought them there
These worlds are myths brought alive
They serve as punishments for you and I
Made by the mind of man 
To control everything beyond land.
They seem to have a spell on us
A wonderful spell they see just. 
It makes us live a certain way
And promote us to a heavenly stay.
Oh yes, oh yes, we must believe
We don't want to end up like Adam and Eve.
Punished by the great divine 
A horrible way, so very unkind.
So do throw your kids in too! 
They shall believe as do you
That the man upstairs can diminish 
Everything he once set out to finish 
And once he does the world will quake
He'll leave the bad to a slithering snake 
The rest of you will head to the clouds, 
How kind he is, isn't he now? 
Oh sure he might leave your son or daughter 
But you will get the bread and butter.
Your mother might not even pass 
But who cares? You're at the top, alas.
How kind, how kind, isn't he? 
He left your loved ones dead to bleed
But do not worry it won't happen now
You are still here safe and sound.
In this church where we all can sing
Hoping he won't see us sin. 
Just be careful now my dear 
Remember it's love and never fear. 
This poem is about: 
Our world


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