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The Encounter Worthy of self and same. Higher value others are. More than harm from the unkind. Coldhearted. Brutal. Cruel.Pulling strings like a puppeteer.
We are complete in one another We are perfect perfection to apex perfectionism individually  We are a temple of each other’s worship
Twilight tempts me to dinner The first there at my first  cry  In its accompanying greatness, my heart leaped for a cheer 
My Purpose Is BIGGER... !!!!! Than To Earn BIG Figures... For Using Rhyme Scripture... That's WEAKER Than... Tigger... !!!!! It's Purpose Like Fixtures Holds FIRM and Delivers...
  Why does everything have to mean anything? Because everything we hold dear Is fabricated and empty. I’m a  spec who lives on a sphere.  
ɹǝʌǝɹoɟ ʇɹɐd∀ ǝɯ ʞɔıd uɐɔ noʎ 'ǝǝɹʇ ʇınɹɟ ∀ ɥʇɐǝuǝq ǝɯ ʎɹnᙠ
You are the greatest secret kept from yourself. It is in hiding your Light that you become lost. It is in resisting the moment,
I was born an orphanbut given the greatest opportunity possibleI was chosen by the most worthy familyI grew up healthy and happywith mere struggles to overcomeone day my life went awry and I nearly passed
We are a nation of “simps” in a world of mad men - unknown   I’m like a bubble, Levitating round and around And when I reach the surface,
I am a religious man from a small island in the Caribbean. Faith, love, hope and goodwill are my greatest possessions. My hope is as strong as the faith and the love that I have.
I would measure deeds on the scale Adorn the time with the pendulum Wondering how sand walk on her.  Taking time to understand as the fine dust I am.    I would return,  grey or not. 
Life has known several extraordinary things The soul has been the in paranormals  The mind has lost its sanity The aura helps the spirit to catch the fairies of mercy, grace and love
If you're dying to yourself, then you're living for Him.  If you're living for Him, then you're becoming who you were created to be.  If you're becoming who you were created to be, then you're pursuing purpose.
Are you fighting to pay your rent every month? Or are you fighting to secure your children’s future? Are you fighting to beat the opposition?
All I am is a shadow A whisper of smoke in a dim room The smell of gasoline on couches and chairs I am the match that calls from the box in the drawer in the kitchen in the home you forgot was yours
falling against the coarse rug, I feel the ripples of fear pang against my core darting around inside of me are the remnants of thoughts they aren’t random, yet they don’t match up
You look out to the sea, and see the horizon, where the known meets the unknown and chases into oblivion. you get the feeling there's more to everything, more to the sand that swallows your feet,
  A chick stands for the first time,  Tall and poised, at the edge of the sea cliff. The salty wind ruffles her feathers comfortingly.
The inhalation after the sprint. The rain after the drought. The forgiveness after the wrong. The human capacity to love and to choose love and to choose love and to choose love amidst despair,
Stop, close your eyes. Breathe in, breathe out. Feel the air as it fills you; and as it leaves you. Open your eyes and see the world around you. Look beyond the pain, terror, and despair,
While sitting in a small, dimly-lit coffee shop, my eye is caught by a small decorative pillow sulking in the corner on a long wooden bench.
Dreams are among the stars In sight, but out of reach Til one falls, shooting fire. Seeing this must then teach The law of desire
Upon the shallow river’s floor,Our protagonist is found,His clothes hang heavy,By a burden he is bound.He empties his fears,As they flow from his ears,He escapes them not,For a new guide appears.
Many of the experiences that make us grow are uncomfortable Many of them are surely life-changing Some of them are relevations My growth experience, sure, it was painful But it made me accept the pain
November 19, 2017, at 1:29 in the morning, my heart was broken and restored, all in the same moment in time. That night is imprinted in my memory, and on my hip, in stark black ink.
Our world, separated by darkness and light, Roughly advances, more difficult to fight; People will struggle in order to thrive, Though many just struggle to stay alive;
When I was born, society handed me a script I played the part quietly and kept my lips zipped But I missed it, the system was gonna get my wrists slit So I ripped up the script and kissed the name misfit.
Through that happy dream Open this wide gray doorYell then step and screamWhat is this place all for?
Love can be very expensive,  so save your money up.  A bitter sweet combination  like lemon and honey stuff  Never ever forget about the prize Focus from the moment you begin 
When I eat veggies, Nature comes to my own brain, When I drink cocoa, I thank God that I exist. What can explain it? I am not an accident. Why with randomness? Everything has a purpose,
It emanates from you.  A paramount aroma. One so compelling we may be blinded by it. Like a bat who's lost the ability to echo-locate, only guided by his scent.
In The Middle August 31, 2018 ~ Friday Every person, tall or leaning Building what they thought was meaning
We think we are grand, do we not? So did those bygone species I’m sure. The colossal and the modest alike, for which time inevitably granted an end. 
My, how I wish to dream. Not the flighty, incomprehensible fairies of sleep. Not the droughts which form gaps in your memory.
Do I even matter?Amongst the chatter,I hear the clatter, of the shatter,of my little heart.
The childhood days fly past, the dark future casts a shadow of fear upon me.  Each day I live without having a clear purpose, hoping it will better.  I fight the voices in my head, 
Two men who are polar opposites, Same tragic past, they both thought of it. One became his fear meanwhile one creates the fear. The Villain laughs and smiles as The Hero toughens up and rubs dirt.
Work rhymes with jerk. Work also rhymes with berserk. It is the strangest coincidence that a mind going berserk and acting like a jerk are both products of work.
  Nobody is perfect. I’m Nobody. Perfect. contradiction leaves me hurting. Beneath the surface, my purpose is complex, that's for certain. I'm struggling with the weight of this burden.
Feathers We are like feathers drifting through the sky
Life is not a box of chocolates. Life is an endless ladder that each of us have to climb. It is nothing but an empty dream.
Dear Life,   If there's one thing you've taught me It's that insecurity is tangible. That everywhere you turn You wonder if you'll ever be enough.    You look at those around you
Purpose   Individual. Unique. Personal. Who are you? Who are we? A purpose found – found and exploited. Finding us, no, finding yourself; Obtainable?
Laying in Isolation my desolated thoughts couldn't be much heavier, My head hurt as the dilenma was inconclusive, These lntertwined thoughts led my bamboozed self to the Red sea,You see? A choice was to be made,
Circumstance may be the direct reflection of your purpose or your purpose maybe the direct reflection of your circumstance.... which defines you
Dear Purpose, I am searching for you. Day by day I walk by my mirror. Side glances and momentary looks judge my exterior. Day by day life gets more monotonous.
Jeremiah 29:11 " 'For I know I have plans for you' -Declares the lord- 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope
From horoscope readings To zodiac signs To interpreting the location of the stars in the sky To stumbling upon one special person Unaware of the great impact they will have on you Whether it will be good or bad
I Wish Upon a lot of the stars in the sky To become and to bloom and expand into something that I could never be right now I just want to go To go run across the earth and pump my legs as fast as I can
To a Certain Skeletal Sickness     Dear Ana, you know your devastation on me.   When you take a physical part away, you also steal my soul  
There can only be one opinion, right?   “Because I love you.” These are the precious words: Full of hope, promises, and happiness,
God, move your peopleMove in this placeThe Lord's name is powerfulForever God you reignYou call me cou
What is poetry if not the beating of a heart before it stops? What is it if not the laughing of a child before the laughter is "too old"?
I am often knocked down by the gazes of the haters, back biters, the bullies, the witty, and the other fool phonies. Then when life got better for me. I’ve tasted glory  They all know my story
I wanted to be a poet,  until I found out you had to be weird. I wanted to philosophize, but found I couldn't grow a beard. I wanted to write a novel, but lacked the foresight to plan it.
I found the feeling of love in a teenage boy, deep in his caramel eyes. The warmth I felt when I stared kept me warm through those cold October nights
Society or more like a prison? A prison full of racism and negativity.
A year ago I lost my spark. I felt as if I was a dying flame where nothing could save me. I lost all hop in myself. I thought that if I didn’t get the perfect grades, played the best sport, looked a certain way, I had no purpose.
Here I am hangin my head with a noose  I could simply choose \Buzz of Role Models tell me not to Refuse I thought I could trust your cues But the very people I idolize teach me to lose
One step forward Two steps back   Is this ever true   One move closer  Two backtracks   Creates new paths for you   One truth found Two lies learned  
    When do you become me?   Is it when she broke our heart?   Is it when we stayed up for hours with our new friends?  
She was an artist,  She was a beautiful, lost soul,  Everyone knew she would change the world, Except for her,  She did not know what she would do,  She did not know her potential, 
Sometimes I wish to talk to the version of me in the past The weak woman without purpose I had been A little candlelight burning at the command of others
1. I saw in the reflective glass an image of a man unknown, Alone thou stood in the quiet dawn - waiting for me to arrive, Search and search and search,
When I was a year younger, I did not know how to float. I sunk into a deep ocean of heavy sadness. I unknowingly drowned myself there. I changed. When I was a year younger, I did not know how to swim.
    The end is a hard chair so steer your paper sails carefully and watch the day twice  to know it better
Black shroud, blue sky, white moon to greet me. Silence and comfort, they slowly leave me. Gather your mind, child awaken. Do you feel the air, the life you take in As you breathe the breath for reason?  
The racing of our imaginations --you argue, perhaps, that is our incentive?Lives without incentives are insane,and insanity with incentive is life.And how can we know what is beyond our mountains,
What awakens my eyes? What seemingly invisible something Sparks my passion, without wrinkling my soul I grow older
The first time I met the sun,He was about 5 feet and 9 inches tall.His smile was always so radiant,that I would squint when I looked up to him
The creative langague of  flaunting words together-- each transition a contortion of imagination and the fantasy of reality. These are my faithful inspirations because words are my pearls
Its Nothing that I hate more than anything. It’s the apathy, boredom, listlessness, indifference The wandering directionless that is more painful than any pain.  
Why didn’t I go into poetry? Interest didn’t jolt, but was awaken Solving all puzzles in geometry Notably, she had left my legs shaken   I had to establish a connection
Life is a puzzle A mystery Finding our purpose Is through finding ourselves Finding ourselves Is through our exploration Words coursing through our veins Yearning to share their secrets
Afraid that there is a greater potential  a box they give us to condition in if they do this long enough  they believe that we'll be trapped trapped in a mindset that they control No hope  No love
Where my emotionIs gathered inConstant tensionMy nose, my throatHot clouds ofBreath that disallow The peaceful rainTo swallow downMy doubt, my insecuritiesMy stress, my fear
Life without love is lifeless. Love without life is bitter. Everyone knows I'm a sinner, and they keep posting it on twitter.
Actually   The toxins taste like chilled cherries Once your purpose is as buried as pharaohs past.
  Where our voice cannot reach Poetry is the bridgework We write what we cannot say out loud And our voices are deafening  
Life gave me the motions but without the vibrations Melancholy attacked and my soul was in constant isolation Life was a chess board and my king was checkmated You stay silent and tell no one assuming they never related
Poetry’s Poem                           Is breathing an obsession? I think not, when breath means I’m existing. Is poetry a compulsion? I think not, when poetry means I’m living,
It’s not supposed to be frustrating Was it not meant to be liberating? Who made the rules? Who abides by them? We did and we do We can forget them too Be grammar rebels Art lovers
I've realized it's really hard to write without having someone in your mindbecause, in your thoughts, they spend most of their time.
Detach   My lungs fought to fill themselves Spots filled my vision A spasm of coughs escaped my lips Darkness  
A purpose to strive for is all that I need. A purpose to fulfill is the goal of my deeds. As long as I have a purpose, my actions will be planned and my thoughts will be organized,
Some people can’t live without the basics: Water, food, shelter And the latest season of The Bachelor. But me? I’m a little bit more complicated than that.  
Foundation, eye shadow, eyeliner Some of the products used by many  The clothes that society says look good are designer Am I the only one that finds jeans on clearance at JcPenny? 
Purpose is the driving force behind all action. Is it to much to ask, to know one's purpse? The answer is never where you look. But One thing is for certain; one Thing remains the same as time slides by--
As the world appears to stop As the events of the day and the events of the future begin melding together, to form one tangle of thought,
On Einstein's General Relativity :)   Time unbroken, pushes it's eternal expanse. A dimensionless space gone with every fleeting glance.   Men of the experiment,
Hope A blazing fire within my soul Motivating me further Inspiring dreams  Creating purpose Hope Keeps my soul from withering Like a flower denied rain I am nourished as long as 
Life without vision, is life without mind, Ignorance can be bliss, but not of this kind, Monotonous, the journey, is the life of the blind, But even the visionless—sight, they may find,  
Art;     the (blood rushing through my veins, painting me with color in this gray, flavorless world)  ability to take your brok-            en, s e n s e l e s s, s   c     a
Still, we fight and fight for more and more, Trying to hold on to our possessions, but the possessions are the ones that bind. Maybe the only way to win this game is to not keep score.  
Are you searching for meaning friend? Are you coming to your bleeding end? Do your wrists speak your bleeding mind, telling you your purpose is hard to find?
I care little for luxuries. Material things like clothing, electronics, and jewelry mean nothing to me. I don't listen to society. Media has no influence on who I am or what I do. I shy away from extravagance,
My hands are always full I don't want to be successful I don't want that at all   I don't want a big house Of which I've paid off every ounce With my supportive spouse  
Why; Is an unsolvable question that I ask myself every day. Why am I here? Why am I stuck in this Hell hole? Why do you like me? Why don't you like me? Why do I feel like this? Why do I do what I do?
LightWhat is there to know?DarknessWhat is there to show?PainWhat is there to heal?HappinessWhat is there to feel?Inquiring of the elements of lifeYou unveil timeless secrets of old
Maybe what we fear most is not failure but the idea of what could be lost.
Picture the summer of 2014. Driving on the freeway. Walking along the beach. Blasting music with the windows down.   Is this going to be a typical California summer? Not in the slightest.  
  Narrow minds stuck in wide subdivisions They are but hopeless strings on a Puppet Master’s creation
I'm surround by close minded individuals + heartless souls.  No one really vibes with me. No one really fucks with me.  No one can understand the gold + wisdom that comes from my tongue.  Day in and day out. 
Purpose--a complex structure in our mind Profound in sound, trivial in its utter existence. Perfect clones don't exist, but passions mix Painful links of genuinity and commonity.   
No matter what I write Behind the screen of doubts A mental prison of night Obscured by the formidable shouts
Mama says “You have no passion. What do you love? What do you like?” I don’t respond, I hate conflict, don’t want to fight. But there’d be no mind-changing anyways
Silent bliss and noisy joy, there's no method to the madness. A question with no complete answer.
Of course no one knows. But I do know what you’d get If there was one.
The wind blows with no purpose. It feels nice, and makes the day more bearable. Although it seems to blow hard, Although it moves my shirt & paper. it does not care. It blows because it should.
I am Tammy TortoiseBrown and green and blue and turquoiseTo do my best I am always poisedBecause I know my life has great purpoiseYes, I'm small and slowIt has no negative effect, though
sense of purpose,  sense of worth a thought of my impact on this earth.   not sure why or what purpose i serve, but i know i'll make a difference in this fallen, broken world  
you know even with all the pain in my life i still live each day and get through the night i must still be looking for something or maybe someone because if i wasnt looking you bet i'd just run
Do you ever stop to ask yourself: are you really satisfied? Are you happy with the way that you live this fleeting life? Or maybe, you're like me, and you've come to realize
In the parched places   I pausedfor a cool refreshing draft   and found myselfdown to my last drop but you   were thereto give me drink   to energize me
Conception. Two cells coming together to create one new being. A small precious person growing, living. Compacted with purpose and potential in a tiny figure, so soft and sweet.  Ready to make the future reality.
oh what if we're just fallen angels
Where am I? Who am I? What is my purpose? These questions play like a song repeating in my mind I sit in class thinking of my pupose What am I here to do? Am I even here to do anything?
Birth, Lunacy, Death
We are but kernels At the bottom of a paper cage Inscribed with the words
Who am I? Am I here for a purpose, do I have a duty? Living among 7 billion, in a universe of beauty? Am I a walking clump of cells waiting to go back to the ground?
The shadow of the candle flame flickers against the wall. Rhythmic melodies and beats creep their way into the ears.
Use my weakness Use my flaws To display your strength To display your cause Use my talents Use my skills Only for your glory Only for your will Use all of me every part
What's life without an aim
I'm not the typical female, not even instructions will help. I come with all emotions but avoid sadness. Humor and sarcasm is what I do best, even in the moments that need attention.
"Okay, one more time!
My soul reaches out for comfort, contentment even. I bask in the ways they teach me, the ways they want me to learn, to memorize. What to wear, how to look, what to feel. I begin to feel routine, I'm comfortable.
I Am A Shooting Star Once You See Me I Amaze You But By Time You See Me, Im Already Gone My Existence Has Already Been No Longer Dead To The Outside, But Alive In Your Mind
when the cracks in my palms wanted toleak secrets like loose faucets, i resistedstitching them back together with peoplewho did not deserve me.i pressed my hands against a mirror, told
We watch this time go by And maybe we grow All we can do is sigh And say, "Where did the day go?"   The Clock goes tick-tock-tick And it just makes us sick The way it perseveres
 Finding a purpose was hard I could see no path, no place where I belonged Unbalanced in athletics, mediocre in academics I had feared I would no longer matter  
Finding a purpose was hard I could see no path, no place where I belonged Unbalanced in athletics, mediocre in academics I had feared I would no longer matter  
I discover myself contemplating my being as I linger in an abyss of corruption. Hiding from the mournfulness that intimidates me as I sleep. I was never cherished, I was no favorite of anything.
focus focus focus wasting time in a book mind escaping once again focus focus focus
In a world where we work until we die what’s in store for you and i? only the rich, smart, and strong will survive what does it mean to be alive? to go down swinging to run the street singing
Is there anything out there for me? in a world of billions, what does it take to do something useful? to do something great?    i barely even know who i am or who i could be.
Indeed imagination is inundated inside interminable ideas, Pouring purposes, poetry-pondering pages pertaining panegyric phrases, Entrapped, effortlessly entombed - ears eternally earning effrontery.
I see an anchor, when I close my eyes.  
Words tumble faster than I can write.
Middle Tennessee State University holds me strong, In its arms, I can see my future career can't go wrong. Down in the south, I find my passion, love, and knowledge,
By chord or page by leap or stroke by chisel or chainsaw  creation is done.   Process,  more or less can impact success.   Chord by chord notes bring melody 
To the day I die I will search for it My soul screams for it, it is in pain What is the purpuse in my life? I don't belive in JUST a life, there must be more to it than pleasures and sorrow
Word after word
Droplets of water, In we go to depths unknown; Impact magnified.
Ohh..Noo.Here comes that rubber band man again... 
A reason I give
I don't really know who I'm writing toBut then, we never really know, do we?Not until we meet them. Some people sing, some people danceSome joke, and still others act We each do it for our own reason.
Ok I’m trapped in this world Matter fact, I’m trapped in my mind
Not Stagnant By: Eric Turner
Emotion. The one true feeling that seperates us from them.
The heart is a lonely hunter
If there's one thing that disgusts me about the world today it'd be the lack of acknowledgment of wrongs This country is the biggest offender especially when its main goal is based off of legal tender
Water. Floundering. Almost drowning.   Remnants of a man-made aircraft smolder in the sea. Where am i?   Business suits, skinny jeans, high heels, t-shirts,
Rain drops on the pond, Their tiny little ripples that stir the water in curious patterns. Oh, how I love to watch the rain. Maybe our lives are like those itty bitty rain drops,
What is life about? Love, family, and God, and friends Are life's purpose.
  They asked me to measure my life in a glass Determine the worth and state it in halves To cut up the moments and bind every scrap Together in leather and draw up a map
Then my life started to fall apart...BoyfriendGood friendsPopularGood lookingIt was all in my handsBut it was falling out of His grasp.
Then my life started to fall apart...BoyfriendGood friendsPopularGood lookingIt was all in my handsBut it was falling out of His grasp.
If Time passes like the wind is it really that Important? If people die every day do their lives even mean a thing? Why are we even here if we will just pass away someday? Why are we existing
Warm salty yet smooth waves covered my feet like a blanket                                                                         Trying to look past the currents- the waves and the boats                                                          
It seems to me the maverick to beWants more to agree than to disagreeThinking out loud, “Modus vivendi”
Please tell me that we haven't become Mindless conformities made to match; to blend in, to mask who we really are.   Why do we follow so closely this pattern of mediocrity?
 Sometimes living in this world can be tough,
A Sparrow perched upon me. Shifting, groaning uncomfortably I hoped its company be brief.   Not for any hidden grudge,
It all started one day just an ordinary day the first time they got together the first of their new forever Their love was expressed as they got undressed Still just another ordinary day  
Do Not Support to Abortion I want to begin by saying that I am pro-life,
Wake up everyday to a the same say "Right hand over your heart,begin..." Then begins the complaining Every night " I stay up late to grade"
Waking up to selfish bliss Unknowledgeable of the worst crisis Hours passed, time went by A knock and a note sent my angel to the sky   Violent crash, a quick pass, he nervously replied
‘Fraid to speak, At least Me. Free thoughts, who float’d aimlessly.   Neurons spark, Genius bridged. Still Lost thoughts, who fail’d past my lips.   Transcendence, Apathy, Fear.  
The students Walk down the hallway And toss the  Vagrant's gold On the ground   Meanwhile   The man leans On his broom And eyes humanity With a sordid look
     Blinded by the glimmer,  the light off-centered, shining on the empty things, objects of suffering, grasping all that glitters, grasping all that glitters, a light which seems to flicker, on and off throughout the night, will you reconsider? 
Born of water, And of ice, Warm exterior to suffice. Raised from dust, Breath of life, Born into eternal strife. Set up walls,
Love has no boundaries. Love is selfless. Love is scarifice. Love is charity. The rich in love reach out to the helpless.  The heart of gold grows in maturity. One finds passion and eternally grows.
Dark, cold, alone. Sitting here, waiting. Waiting for what? Not sure myself. The sun rises, and gives me hope. Hope for a better day. A new beginning. But that hope is empty. Meaningless.
You planned their form in the days of Creation, And You'll be with them 'til their final destination. You knit them together in the darkness of night. You made each part special; everything is right.  
The great blacklight in the sky Makes the people wonder why All the dismal things have gone And the shadows have moved on.   The shining face of a kind man Makes us feel that we too can
  Run. Go forward, Trust your legs. Are they pillars or twigs?   Faster. Like Hell. Towards The Destination. Times’ scythe nips at your heels.   Recover.
The pain of the world strapped to their ankles a poet is weighed down.   Weighed down like cotton bales strapped to hunched backs; stone uprooted by torn cuticles and nails
This is an empty chair. And on above, the light burns long, as Distracted drones its song and you wait, with anticipating eye.   Here is your chance at life. I AM waiting, you’re delaying
I once met love at the front door! And, when I glaced it's direction Love, beautifully, smiled back at me. That was love. My first sight! I became instantly drawn to love.
A heart pure and strong A mind so quick and clever A voice that can reach out A world to be made better
Beauty is unreachable Love is just a game Lies become believable Others thrive off of our pain
Walking down the street Its more than a dream Its the reality that makes my soul want to jump out of me What I see is a frightening sight All different faces but no difference inside
Sounds in the night the shadows in my eyes dreams in color whizzing by the echoes in the walls I sense pending doom but I am willing to change it turn it into the most beautiful art
What is a letter if it's not accompanied by another? What is a word that sits all alone? What is a poem that doesn't come from the heart? A letter only has meaning when combined with other letters?
Do you really have a heart of gold or is it more like a cold black stone? Do you really wish to sit on a throne and rule over Rome or do you have no desire of leaving home?
Do you really have a heart of gold or is it more like a cold black stone? Do you really wish to sit on a throne and rule over Rome or do you have no desire of leaving home?
From the moment I first heard her heartbeat; that I felt her move.   From the moment I first saw her; my Darling’s eyes so blue.   How anxious I was to hold her; embracing my joyous fate.
So desperate for happiness, are you small child. Weak child, with your hands cuffed behind you.So desperate for joy, are you my child. Weak babe, with your feet caught beneath you.  So tired, you are without a companion.All alone, are you who do n
My flesh, it aches; it burnsMy calloused bare feet are scorched by the rugged earthI am wandering and I don't know where
When a feeling becomes so warm so warm I want to taste it not a harsh slap of spicy flavors
August 11 WHAT’S MY PURPOSE? Dajon Medlock   I am the Bic that sparks the sun The push that spins the earth The gain that makes rain
My daughter, I created you perfectly the way you are Why are you trying to change that? I made you blonde, Not brunette, I gave you blue eyes, Not green
They tell me it’s because I’m young They say “Someday, you’ll no longer feel this way.” “Things you never meant to say will brush your tongue.”
What is life's truth? Life's truth is that it's what you make it; oh and who can forget that its unfair. Are these supposed truths  actually well ...true. Is life really what you make it?
Who am I to you When the thunder crashes down? Cold wind fills your heart And no one is around?   Who am I to you When the light begins to fade? Shadows fall in line
  MY dearest friendTell me that things happen for a reason and I’ll tell you that you’re here on this earth for a reason. Together we’ll never fall short :) 
What you do here is the marking of life Starting here and fighting the world and its strife Do you follow over footprints or make your own? It’s up to you to figure out the speed and the tone
The cloudy thoughts that fill my mind My secret truths most cannot find To the close few I give my time I speak my lies as if I’m fine An outlet for what I contain The truths I know must explain
(poems go here)As the days grow shorter, the sky becomes longer
Our life is like a river, Bending and Twisting, but always flowing Forward From the spring from whence we are born, we flow.   As we flow, we learn As we flow, the run-off from our environment is added to us
A mission. A mission. what am I to do? High school and college intend to point me right to:   The purpose of my days, the job I am to do. Why do I feel so lost, torn and confused?
  Over seven billion people in this world searching for a purpose in life. Over seven billion people seeking worth for so much of their strife. They want to know there is meaning to all the hard times they endure,
  Everyone has a purpose in this world, Everyone is here for a reason. We all were put on to this Earth, To find out what's life's meaning.  For some it may take a while to find,
Why do we love if it hurts to do so? And why do we long for something so far away? What is our reason for being, for existing? And what defines who we are and separates us from the others?
The world’s open mouth gapes, and swallows all those who enter. We are all a caged animal here, made to make this place better. The reason we are put here, is what we search for a shine.
All people purpose designed by God Where he created us a perfect plan Our divine shepherd guides which path to trod When you are feeling low look to the man Gods love perfected never failed me yet
This is it. That moment you have waited for Your whole life! So why is it joy you feign? And tears you shyly wipe clear, From your eyes? Is it not glorious? As fulfilling,
There is something in the words. Something that changes minds, That can unite different kinds. Something that creates gods.
Feelings, emotions building up Words bursting to life as I try to express myself. Physically pouring my thoughts on paper Critiquing my own judgments and views. The chance to improve myself,
why do I write? well, why do birds fly? why do fish swim? not just because it's an essential method of transportation. because its an escape an escape from the deadly locks of their predators
If it weren't for this pen you probably wouldn't even know my name. It's saved my life so many times When I thought no one was listening On those days when I felt like the world was bearing down on my shoulders
When I am stressed you release me You remove a veil from the blind They now see When I feel overwhelmed by the commitments I have made You clear my mind I now see
The sun breaks upon the Earth, its royal light, radiating upon Gaia. We are closed, broken, yet hopeful. Seeking a source of warmth. There are many, some we do not realize. The simplest beauties.
No brain activity No thought process Neither input nor insight Neither perseverance nor passion Purposeless existence
Death and life Toils and Strife Life isn't handed on a silver platter What does it all matter?
Lost in an empty space craving something to replace the emptiness. I was told there was one, they called it the son and the light. I looked towards the sky, the sun blaze in my eye,
Teddy bear’s choked with duct tape remind us to “Please drive safely” Smoky with his grave-digging shovel tells us: “Today’s Fire Danger is HIGH” We wind through canyons with dusty, sage-filled air.
My love for you is to ensure your safety, So that you’re protected within every step. My love for you is very fragile that it could break, But you take great care with such things.
The mind truly sets the human free, appreciate everything you got experiences and life, change perception, the way you see things, Chase, capture and conquer the meaning of your reality,
Oh, to find the slumber and peace that eludes me with every twist and bend of these unfamiliar streets I'm the sheltered homeless beneath the glass future that breaks more each second
Lord I hope it’s not too late For me to wake up And follow my fate You’ve told me so many times To wake up from the dead I can’t help but sleep sometimes the laziness I must shed
Your love never fails me. It is everlasting. It is so wonderful that it fills me with hope and love that's so fulfilling. You caress me like a mother that's so caring.
Hopes and dreams crash like a meteor falling The outcome is inevitable, so why are you stalling? You knew what would happen; who would win How could anyone love you? You’ve committed too many a sin.
I have a mystery,, I find the clues,, I piece it together,, Now what to do,, I solve the problem,, I feel the change,, I see the future,, This aint no game,, I hear the voice,,
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