Time Keeps Turning . Can we Catch Up?


We watch this time go by

And maybe we grow

All we can do is sigh

And say, "Where did the day go?"


The Clock goes tick-tock-tick

And it just makes us sick

The way it perseveres

My screams it never hears.


Why does the world keep turning

When everyone asks it to freeze?

Why won't it start learning?

Our madness never it sees.


There's a tornado in my brain

A thought hurricane

Our worries are rising tide

An emotion landslide


How can we keep going?

What is left for us?

A misery quilt we're sewing

Persevere we must


We must rewrite our destiny

Change the plans of fate

The time is now; this is the day

It's time for us to change


What's the good in staying

In this horrible place

Where we just go on praying

For the hope of  human race?


There is no hope in changing

The way things are right now.

If we don't do a single thing

Things will just stay fowl.


The time is now; the time is here

Lend me all your ears

If together we unite 

We'd fix the future years.


This is the only way

And it has to be done

Just let me hear you say,

"Together we are one"


"Time will not beat me;

I have the upper hand.

For it cannot even see,

As one, we take a stand."

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