Bred to be Fierce

So desperate for happiness, are you small child. Weak child, with your hands cuffed behind you.So desperate for joy, are you my child. Weak babe, with your feet caught beneath you.  So tired, you are without a companion.All alone, are you who do not see me. So tired, you are my companion,All afraid, are you of what cannot be seen.  So timid and meak, are you that I bred to be fierce.By and by, you sit idly, So timid and meak, or so you believe.And by and by, you grow wiery.  So it shall be, if you confess it.I did not make you so.So it shall be, if you do not love me.But, I did not make you so. Compationately, I made you with my own hands.Lovingly I bathed you in the Guiding Light. Compationately, I sculpted your form.Lovingly I wrote your name upon my palm.  With words, I wrote the Earth into existence.And so I wrote you my child. With words I taught the olives to ripen and the dove to fly,And so I taught you to be mine.  Peace be with you.For I am near.Peace be with you,for you are mine. It is I who spoke first,I who knew what to say. It is I who speaks last,I who know what to say.  I am as I say I am, Comforter, Healer, Rock of FoundationI am as I say I am,Comforter, Healer, Rock of Foundation - these are your names for me. If such words are given to me, than what more would I say for myself. If such words are given me by my creation,what more could the master say for Himself.  With eyes aflame, you fight in vain.And speak no more to me,With eyes aflame, you fight and feign, And speak no more to me. Forget me however, you cannot. I am always here.Forget me however, I will not allow.I am always loving you. You are mine, I take you in my gripAnd in my grip you will stay.You are mine, I will not let you slip away. And from my grip, you cannot pull away.  I see you there, hiding from me.Darkness cannot conceal the light I bestowed upon your crown.I see you there, where you cower in fear.Darkness cannot conceal your withering hope.  Mighty and fierce, I am coming.Riding upon my white horse.Mighty and fierce, the end is coming. Riding undulantly without remorse.  Righteous and whole, I see the day coming.You will be as I say. Righteous and whole, for I spoke you into being,You are as I say. 


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