My Love for Today

The first time I met the sun,
He was about 5 feet and 9 inches tall.
His smile was always so radiant,
that I would squint when I looked up to him
And I was always looking up.
His heart was golden,
You won't know that you've met a beautiful person inside and out
Until you've met him.

"Good morning sunshine!"
To wake up to him,
Was seeing the sweet dew of energy
Frisked to love others that way he loves me
To wake up to him,
Was being kissed from the wisps of steam of my cup of coffee
Stewed to keep loneliness away and
Warmed to greet company with the way he greets me
They say to look to the future,
So I look forward to seeing mine.
The center of my world
So he stayed,
As I ventured out to pursue my aspirations
And his light behind every bounce of my steps.

"Good morning sunshine"
To see him,
Is to see that I was promised another today
Maybe not tomorrow,
But today,
I'm going to make a difference.
Another chance to look up to my sun and squint to the compliments of my smile
Another chance to sow more seeds and to blossom more lives,
as he enriches mine.
And when the rain covers my sun
I know he will be back with a bouquet of rainbows
For the days that weren't just my day

But when he says,
"Good morning sunshine!"
He makes me realize that today is my day
That I am to able to conquer the fierce
only if my eyes were to be open
He bribes me to rise so that I can finally know what it's like to meet the skies
His luminescence shields my imperfections into shadows
To remind me to love myself
Blinding me to not look back
As he caresses my heart the way his radiance peeks at the horizons
Bidding to bring happiness

While I lay in solitude
With the world beating down
In torrents of pessimistic pulps
I know that I will see my sun
For the first time on a new day
When he says,
"Good morning sunshine"

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