A Song for the Arsonist

All I am is a shadow

A whisper of smoke in a dim room

The smell of gasoline on couches and chairs

I am the match that calls from the box

in the drawer

in the kitchen

in the home you forgot was yours

The slick sweat on your neck, just beneath your hair

The tear you call back to your eye before it can escape

I am the distant humming of a psalm

A prayer for the empty and the reckless and the weak

A profession of a faith you know longer know

The lighting of a single candle and the breeze that blows it out

I am the power that you can't shake

A feeling of being more than you really are

The need to rise above the shell you've become and be great

I am the nightmare that you call a dream

A tongue of fire that licks at your arms

A heat, a burn, a pain that you've fallen so deeply in love with

The perfection of desire tattooed into your skin

Flames that decorate flesh and dance through your head

I am the golden reflection in your blackened eyes

Leading to a blackened heart

A blackened mind

A blackened smile

A blackened heart

I am the hand that reaches out to hold you

You poor, forgotten abandoned child of Night

The one who cannot be loved, the one who cannot be held

A Spirit, floating and free

Yet chained and Earth-bound

Wandering in your wake, I follow to keep you sane

For when no others will have you, I will lay next to you

I am the air you need so desperately to keep your fire alight

To burn with you is all I desire

To convince you of my love is all I need

To help you survive is all I want

I am the ashes of salvation and hope

Piled neatly where your beautiful remains lay in the rubble

Your hands reach to God, He does not reach back

You call for me, and I do not answer

For when your light goes out

And the air around you is still, dark, and cold

I will move on

I am Your Fire, Your Destiny, Your Demon

And I love you until I need not love you anymore


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