Just Writing

If you don't mind I just want to loosen up a bit

I've spent so much time worrying about doing the right things,

Saying the right things

Saying things the right way that for a minute

I forgot about just writing

See these words come to me as easily as your eyes blink

I don’t have to think about it

I have an innate ability to articulate

The way I hopscotch from subject to predicate is sometimes called eloquent

And when I speak you feel compelled to listen

A wise woman once said: Don't try to play me I'm not boo boo the fool, if you come look and see I make good grades in school.

A direct line from an 11 year olds poetry book

(It was mine)

If you dare to challenge my intelligence I challenge you seek out any semblance of ignorance

I may not know it all but at least I know that I don't

Those who think to know it all seek not what they don’t

So this puts me steps ahead of anyone who doesn't know what they don't

I won't be detered from this journey of knowledge seeking

This is my dream girl

And I'm staying, I'm staying

And you, and you, and you, you're gonna love me.

What's in a name?

A name is a summons, a label, identification, correlation between action, form, and individual

Allowing me to be, calling me to come, causing me to become

Who I was, who I am, and who I will be

Just. The rare good that is good unto itself, the balance between the parts of oneself at war, harmonious peace in a city at war

Honestly what wouldn't someone want Justice for?

You call me, I bring peace, cause the chaos to cease

A return of equilibrium to the time space continuum

Brought about by the knocking of particles back into place

With the power of the waves in the form of words that come through my face

I am an instrument of change.

I move hearts and morph minds

It is woven in the coding of double helixes that combined form every single part of this divine body

And if it is already within me why would you question if my destiny is mine?

Why would you curse who I was created to be?

From the space between my teeth to the arch in my feet

I impress the world around me

And your denial of the impact of my presence will not depress me

I decline your desire to make less of me see

Two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time

So go ahead and close your eyes

Try to close me out of your mind

I'm still here

There's no need to fear

These word sounds travel through you so even if you don't understand you'll feel what I have to say

You'll feel what it is to have some justice inside you

And when I walk by you'll feel what it is to have Justice beside you, I keep justice at my right side

Forever in my skin

That blind goddess to whom we black are wise

Her bandage hiding two festering sores that once perhaps were eyes

Her soul kept secret from you that her integrity not be compromised by what rests on the balance before her

Weighing the value of a heart and a mind

An abstraction of my constant battle between what I think and what I feel

A depiction of war that you may not see, but I assure you is very real

Her weapon a sword my weapon my word

Crafting works to deduce the worth of my sensations

Should they cause my heart to race or a revelation

That if right be a name, I be what it is naming

Not subject to perception but objective to the collection of all existence

The door of morality that I rap upon with persistence

Metalogos. The use of my mouth and movement to explore this dichotomy

Of right and wrong, good and bad

Because it is not enough for me to know whether

This is all a product of my mind or if my mind is helping me to enjoy the passage of time

As a product of the Divine law maker

I can only take what has been revealed to me and share it with you in a way that you might see truth

See the truth is, the truth is right

And the truth is, the truth is wrong

And it took me a long time to figure it out

The paradigm shift that occured when I stopped trying to change reality and allowed it to be

It's as though a door was opened allowing me to be free

See its so much bigger than you or me

But without you or me it can't be

This paradox keeps us in a boxed way of thinking

It keeps us thinking

Keeps us questioning

Keeps us thinking questions

Keeps us trapped in our thinking questions

Looking for answers finding none

Thinking maybe ive asked the wrong questions

Thinking of more questions to ask to get more answers

And its easy to see why we go crazy

We're these tiny little specs,

These series of numbers in a system

These fragile creatures stuck to the earth by gravity

Forced above the water by buoyancy

And trapped within our atmosphere for the need to breathe oxygen

But when one of us audibly contemplates suicide, (or homicide for that matter)

Everyone freaks out and says why?!?!?

You're an important person, with purpose!

And it is mind boggling for us that we be so relevant, valuable even

And yet some how so small


The fact is we are integral parts of the living, breathing organism that is the universe

And there is liberation in surrendering to the culmination of its many parts

There is power in being a part of something good

But with power comes responsibility,

And a great responsibility it is to be,

Quite simply who you are.

Don't think about it,

Just try it

Take a deep breath

Hear, but don't interact with thoughts of doubt

Exhale, let it out

And smile.


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