Hunting a Beastly Purpose


United States
27° 56' 50.7912" N, 97° 12' 2.0916" W

Hopes and dreams crash like a meteor falling
The outcome is inevitable, so why are you stalling?
You knew what would happen; who would win
How could anyone love you? You’ve committed too many a sin.
You are not normal- you monster! You lycanthrope!
Now, in the moonlight, hang by my braided rope!

Don’t feign as if you have a heart
You were born to be alone and miserable from the very start
Living as an empty shell
Eating human souls to temporarily feel well
Harvester of sorrow
Of today and tomorrow
It’s too late to change!
No one could ever love a beast so foul, so strange.

You were a threat
So I captured you with my silver net
Deceived by primitive senses such as sight-
Pathetic creature! Howl in the night!
With your head, I’ll be rich!
It won’t even matter that I look like a witch!

I cannot say I’d like to apologize
Because that would keep the brutal truth in disguise
You and I are the same
By instinct, we do what we must to win the game
I want to find meaning, just like you
And for that, I’ll do whatever I need to do
Predators were born to hunt and chase
And so, of your remains- whoever cares will find no trace
This is the punishment for your crime
Creatures cannot love or be loved, this is a law as set as time.


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