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Life without love is lifeless. Love without life is bitter. Everyone knows I'm a sinner, and they keep posting it on twitter.

"If there is no love, there is nothing." Well I guess I'm nothing to nothing and I guess I'm no one to no one. But at the same time everybody knows me. I have no feelings, but why do I cry? I have no emotions, but why do I hold this grudge inside? Where does it hide? It's something I can never seem to find. That's why I'm never satisfied. No one will know me not even until the day I die.

Yell at me. Scream at me. Tell me, what am I suppose to see? Tell me, where am I suppose to be? Tell me, who am I suppose to meet? I feel like this is all a bad dream, but at the same time I can barely sleep. What do you mean, "You're all that I need"? Can't you see God that it's plain to see? You don't need me because I'm nothing. You don't need me because I'm no one. You don't need me because I'm worthless. But you want me because I have a purpose.

I don't understand what you want from me. I don't understand what you need from me. If it's my life, just take it because I'm tired of hurting. Just set me free! If there's no God, then from where comes faith? That's what the world says nowadays, but it's a mistake. They say You're fake, You were "man-made", but if that's true, then who made man?  Who made me? Who made you? Don't ask me because I don't have a clue. What do I do if there is trouble. Don't worry just pray about it on the double. Then there's no struggles.

It's a huge bundle of blessings because you're no longer stressing. He is your dad, He is your friend. He's literally with you until the end..but it depends..on what you're doing and where you're going. Right now you got to make you own choices becuase what if you don't wake up the next morning. Ask yourself....Where are you REALLY going?






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