He Defeats

Here I am hangin my head with a noose 

I could simply choose \Buzz of Role Models tell me not to Refuse

I thought I could trust your cues

But the very people I idolize teach me to lose

A loser is one that does poorly; a failure

My very own consciousness is against my favor 

My temptation is a crisis situation

Flesh equation is battled to gain isolation

Mesh abrasion scars my past elimination

Hoping for a deviation to become a new creation

But her I am tied in a knot 

New Reward and already caught 

Mand down I am shot 

My vision blurs and then it occurs 

To me that all the pretty sex appeal 

Trips me up to think their real

Well that sure was the Elixir's Seal 

Legit sure hit me on the head look now I'm dead

Ain't it funny they said 

As I sob oceans on my bed

Laughing at me 

Running from the Jester that enjoys my own calamity

This skin that is piercing my eyes whispers sensually

It says I might belong if....

Makes me stiff and pushes me off a cliff

A high that was set up 

Leaving me drowning in a low slump 

This external filter ignores the internal dump

Isn't it infernal the fire that boils in this fraility

Leaving nothing but ash and empty clarity 

Althought the Plural passion

Is the Excessive fashion

Until Fatigue is instilled

Impatience for security is drilled 

Into the minds of the young uns

All follow brainwashed; one dispells and runs 

We all want to be happy 

But this has nothing to offer but depravity

A winner has stand up in the heat 

Even thougn Satan is hard to beat

Bullets removed; he defeats.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

love the rhyme

love the creativity

love the expression

well done

happy new years

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