The Happy Tortoise

I am Tammy Tortoise
Brown and green and blue and turquoise
To do my best I am always poised
Because I know my life has great purpoise

Yes, I'm small and slow
It has no negative effect, though
Because with great powers I have been bestowed
To make friends smile; yes, even foes

With a single movement I bring joy
To many animals, girls and boys
An evil frown I can easily destroy
When my adorable powers I employ

Because I am tiny
Every move of mine is mighty
Each filled with what they call "kawaii"
Regardless of my age, being ninety

Add my drowsiness to each maneuver
Since I am a slow mover
It makes me even cuter
But what I like most is being an anger diffuser

I do pride myself in this fact
I absolutely enjoy how my friends react
Every single time I do a silly act
From their daily problems, I distract

But not everyday is a good day
At times I look less blue and more grey
My agility and strength have faded away
And each morning I wake with a new pain

Though, life can be hard and mean
And, at times, all I want is to scream
I keep my calm and eat my leaves
And dream many beautiful dreams

But by my friends I am reminded
That I am very much loved and wanted
I have many virtues and am talented
This gives me strength to live undaunted

Yes, I am a happy tortoise
Because my life has purpoise
Yours does too and as soon as you find it
Each day your happiness will blossom
And that, my friends, is why life is Awesome



Very beuatiful. :) 


Awesome poem I liked it very much 5 stars***** and 662 views I think the most I have gotten here was 164.....and had a few published Boss at Christmas, Mailbox Lady, Mailbox Lady 2, and Dear Mom May 1 2004.....And 1 short story in Baby Shoes 100 Stories by 100 Authors on Amazon for a price that's ridiculously high! but Anthology's are high price.

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