They tell me it’s because I’m young

They say “Someday, you’ll no longer feel this way.”

“Things you never meant to say will brush your tongue.”

“And before you know it, your life will have slipped away.”


But are these feelings, are they just feelings?

I wake up and feel like I have so much to accomplish

I don’t want to feel like this, like I’m not just “being”

I want to feel young, I don’t want to be rushed


All at once I’m speeding through life,

But I’m also stalling

But then I get perspective,

I think of a certain man


A man who was and is,

My Lord, Jesus Christ, Heavenly King

My God, who made me live!

Who, when the world tells me I’m less than,


He says, “I Am the great I AM”.

“I will never fail you, I will never forsake you.”

“ I love you more than you will ever understand.”

“And if I am for you, who can be against you?”


I think of His death on the cross

And I realize my struggles are trivial

And when I feel like I am lost,

I know He has, and will always, find me.


When I feel like there is so much to be accomplished,

He reminds me that all that has ever needed to be done, already is

He gave His life on the cross for me,

So that I might live.


And with my life on Earth that’s been given to me,

I will give Him all the glory!

And when I finally am with Him, I will forever sing, “Holy, Holy, Holy!”


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