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One chance to change your life; to make a friend to invite someone in, before it's too late. One chance to change your life; to not hold back to tell them they're getting hurt,
Only Liars Fear The Truth  
when we startedit was a messno structureuntruthfulnessit was bound to unravelhit the truth lighton some hurtful levelit was bound to fall apartfrom the lies the secrets
Let x equal me
Thoughts swimming in front of you Drawing your mind to the page Setting pen to paper is hard But somedays its the one thing That can save you.   Writing but once Can be the way to set up
Time flies by as you stare at her
Knuckles clenched white throat like the desert I've caught a sickness with no cure   I'll drive familar roads with the windows down Searching for the remedy A dose to make me feel at ease  
The world ahead is not yet known unwritten futures, soundless time   The world ahead is out of focus fuzzy shapes, colors blurred   The world ahead is out of reach
               Somtimes in life it seem's you take two steps forward and get knock back three 
I was a kid born and raised in a country not so wealthy I was a kid  who didn't have a lot
I love doing what I want when I want. I dont need you or your authority, Give me an open field for me to jaunt, While I run from responsibility. To not give a single care in the world,
fading with age brownign, blurring suffering every day but continues stirring  mindlessly lingering mythodically fingering blades of a razor and quaint gassoline flame.
To change other's views about God's will for us and  how He loves us too  
Can you hear me from where you are? Im feeling alone where I am I can't help but wonder if I'll go far I miss your helping hand I was accepted to my dream college did you see that? Are you proud?
Taking pictures half naked Smoking and drinkin to try and forget your father left Breaking your mothers heart for getting suspended from school for being half baked
It's morning as I wake I decide to write what's on my mind Sipping my tea Trying to find What I had yesterday and what I seek today Memories of events of emotions
In the blackest of the night, It glides through the overgrown grassand threw the sewers under the city streets.It swallows the minds of innocents.It rips into the lost souls.
They want to get rid of me, They do.   Worn out, useless, worthless, Casting me aside they speak of me as something of the past. They tell me I have no value. Essentially, I’m nothing.
I’d like to borrow your soapbox. Please. There’s something I’d like to say. Communication is born of sounds and movement, Born of ideas. Much slips through the fingers, slips away.   Brokenness.
to say who I am feels like betrayal, for I’m never the same person twice   and oh how lovely it is to know I’m never who I was before   and for each
Life. Sometimes it works, and then it doesn't.
Contrary to popular belief, the word Phileo Means a lot more than just brotherly or sisterly love. Oh, its meaning is far deeper And far more complex than just love.   The word love, in my opinion,
On Top of the World   I’m not a poet, but I have too say Things that go on everyday in my life seems as if it’s a dream.
I love when the sun warms my face When the clouds drift slowly away When the earth produces life; The trees that fill my lungs with oxygen And give me shade on a sunny day.
Why does this keep happening? The pain and depression after the joy. I always think I'm doing better, When a memory hits.   I go spiraling back down into sadness.
Love,listen to me grateful I am here  with you today and enjoy every minute spent. Be sure about my love for you. Never doubt it, not one bit.
TrappedNever was myself. Always reminded At my bare locker.Brand names were never My thing.It never seemed to work.Popped collars and Coach
When you told me about love you lied.
maybe I don't miss youmaybe, its the memories I mi
Do what you have to do, so you can do what you want to do .
  This poem is written from the standpoint of a girl who has been raped/sexually abused in the past and is now speaking to her lover years later.
I am not good enough. I am not I am not I am not I am simply…me.   He, she, him, her, they –  all of whom are more talented, creative, good – better than me.
  Kennedy the brave and great Remembered most for his grave fate Cold wars and Cuba he conquered it all Yet one simple bullet spawned his downfall.
We were oppressed for our heritage,
I believe in the innocence of a child The freedom of a kid The choices of a teenager The maturity of an adult
My dreams are big - too big, I'm told.  They say I shouldn't be so bold.  But tell me why I should not try  To have the world, to touch the sky.  They say, "Don't jump so high! You'll fall." 
He’s so cute He’s so caring But best of all He loves sharing   From flowers To showers I spend all my hours Wanting to be with him   From thick to thin
How can I tell The difference between reality
The sea was on fire.   A candle burns in the waves. A match, no, a thousand matches fall from the sky into the surf. The surf rises to catch them; to extinguish the flame.
When I trythey laugh,wanting me to failWhen I flythey bring me down,begging me to fallWhen I liethey call me out,praying for my sinsWhen I crythey make fun of me,
You walk into the store, nervously glancing at the clerk. You see your friends
You were eighteen years old, when you received a letter beckoning you to enter into a world previously unimaginable.   You were born to tired parents as the third of six children
I wish the education system was designed to teach me realistic life lessons
The Wind is mixing with the salt it talks to me
  This is the dead land             We live as we dream--alone...   We are the fighters. We are the lonely ones. Our mission binds us together,
I seem to be weak. I wish to be strong. I hate who I am. I detest life and every aspect of it. Sometimes I have dark thoughts. Sometimes they seem to comfort me. How  easy it would be if I just quit.
The people act like they know me. Act like they know what it's like to be "free". Freedom? What a fucking joke. Locked inside the bars of my own mind, rattling the cells but no one hears me.
There are many things that make up you,
We're not dating, but I still love you. We're not friends but I still care. We're not enemies, but I can still hate you.
High hopes, big dreams all to extol my King. He's radiant in exhilarating splendor. His majesty fills creation. I'm caught up when I hear Him whisper I love you.
I sit and I stare at this television. Looking at all of the destruction in the world. I pay attention to everything that is going on and I sit. I watch the bombings and the wars on television. 
Suffling through the crunch of leaves
Go Don't go Stop Don't go don't stop React Don't react Think Don't react don't think Decide Don't decide Feel, because as you grow
How can we look at lives And not feel passion? Why are stories of adventure All lying quietly in our past? Where is the zeal pushing Us to live before we die?   How can we ignore our
you hear it all whether  its hurtful or not it seems like you cant handle it   so it comes back to haunt you  you continue to hurt never showing any emotion  hiding it all on the inside
I can count on you like the sun counts on the moon.  
A girl without a face, no eyes no mouth
Sometimes I wish I could leave my skin at home. I would leave the racial slurs and black jokes like a coat and scarf on an unusually warm winter day. I would walk around,
Once there was a girl carefree, until after the grade of three. for when she walked into grade four,
While we walked up the gravel path through the hills. I looked upon these stone memorials. Simply thinking to myself about the days that are flying by, so fast. The days that mean so little, yet so much at the same time.
It comes quickly Like a wave kissing the shore with its salty taste Retreating slowly before it comes again It's a feeling, a vibration Like adrenaline The heart moving faster
Peace on earth No matter how much we search for it, It is no where We grow weary   Our world is surrounded by evil and emptiness Lies and suicides Murders and disasters
they say words don’t hurt. sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never…   they’re wrong.   words will never bring tears they’re wrong. words will never cause death
The clock of life is ticking And my dear the nails of death are clicking Drumming out the sound, until silence when your body is beneath the cold ground This is your final battle cry
Jesus loves me this i know... Actually i don't i was just told so blinded by my past i cannot see 
Showering down on dim lit streets, Feather hats and redder lips, She smiles. She smiles a smile that warms the womb, Brings the barbaric back to sainthood,
  The apostle Paul, in the first book of Corinthians and the thirteenth chapter said: "When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a
She was built of fantasy, Of words and lyrics and prose. She spent life dreaming  And never arose.   Her family told her She was taking too big a chance. If she jumped, she would fall,
Just because I’m seriousDoesn’t mean I don’t laugh,
I need an escape, I need to leave, But how can I? I can't run from it, It ever leave. The demon inside is too strong, I can't run, I can't hide. You tell me to fight,
Music is my life The universal language Became my first love  
I remember her sleeping peacefully,*The room’s white, sterile walls enclosing us.Family gathered around,Watching attentively like wide-eyed children,
I care too much
In my lifeI have been askedto make decisionsabout my futureand chooseonce and for allwhat I want to dowith all that I have:my talents,my abilities,my youth,and my femininity.
The world is one big placewith so many niches and spots.How can you fit in with the human race?You feel excluded, isolated and crudewith no one to care what happens to you.It just seems that everyone is so rude.
I'm looking at the waves, entranced by their strength. They throw me under and thrust me aside, as if my presence isn't a bother at all.
The cold harsh wind blows on your face, Splashing on puddles. Covering your face and letting the rain mix in with your tears. You’re running to get away; you’re running to be free.
Yesterday we were five years old, counting down the tick tocksfrom the standard-issue black clocks until recess timewithout a single thought of the outside world. As we ran
Four By Four Enclosure of Space Is it Simply My Room Or does it represent my Race the limitations set upon me like a Glass Celing What is this frustration that I'm feeling 17 year old black male 
How do you know what's Worth fighting for? When thought is dead Lives are lost and Creativity is a ghost of our past How do you know if this life is perfect? When minds are stolen
Who determined the lines between fiction and life? Who thought that it would be nice to take the things people want, And transfer them to the pages in a novels spine? Why don't we go searching for the next great advenure,
It seems to me now that i've frosted my soul The fire within me has ran out of coal This coldness tells me that somethings gone wrong So i guess my emotions have told me "so long"
Ode to the classroom!A place where boredom and illiteracy thrive!A place so dismal and inept,can even the most awake of us survive?With flickering lights, and whitewashed walls,
If love is a fire burning brighter by the hour Does it require fuel or burn by its own power? It always begins in each of us the same A spark from the eyes,a smile, a flame
Be yourself     they said. But don't do this And you can't do that. Don't change for others      they said.   It's only a phase      they said. You're doiing itfor attention.
The winter I was seventeenwas a moment of trying times.I was cold and under pressure,and was trying to find my life's reasons and rhymes. 
Happy chaos  We crave it unconciously, naive to its desirable high It keeps us going, living The tears, terror, sufferences Impact can change a mindset, flick a switch Inhumanity, animalistic tendencies
My name is Alyssa and fourteen years ago in March something complicated happened that changed my life forever.
Two paths both different and alike. One was dark with footprints in the dried grass. The other was filled with vegetation and light. I took a glance at my past, Hoping my future would be just as bright.  
      You YoYouYou seem to hid
Is it really fair to put the title last?   It is the  begining is it not?  
  It was dark, by my eyes and by my mind. I stared blankly forward, trying to gather my bearings that were scattered beyond my sight. My head felt two tons heavy and my arms felt two pounds light.
My summer can’t be described by a series of days but a series of phrases.
It’s got to go. Superfluous flowers crawling                                               up the walls                                                                    and onto the ceiling.
Listen close, for do you hear the t
A sinister presence descended over my mind. It carved out all light and with it, My sight. Tears unabashedly pored from useless eyes. A master mason began practicing his art.
My back patio is filled with color and these pots are more than leaves and dirt Farmers have been bought, just working for the dollar while Americans are guinea pigs, unaware we are being hurt  
Everyone has a secret to bury:   The girl with the blonde hair, enticing smile, brand new car, the quarterback boyfriend... The "perfect" life.  Her life isn't as perfect as it would seem.
She's in the 60s, 70s, Madison or Park. Her brittle frame dashes Against the flashing hand, Mink swishes just over the slush. Then she's also on the Q, Glides through the doors,
Not that long but long enough. To grow, to mature To live, and learn To teach each other what it means To love someone this deep. One year. Not that long but long enough,
Find bacteria on Mars. Life. But cells inside a womb? Easy to destroy. Why don't we stand for what's right? Give that human a chance. A chance to breathe. Live. Fight. Cry. 
I'm smiling and laughing to hide the ways I feel, 
You tied my shoes One rabbit chasing another And held my hand to cross the street You lifted me up when I needed to see You lay down me down when I needed to sleep  
I will taste the stars And most likely scorch my tongue, But I will return   To fly yet once more Amongst the burnt-out, dead husks Of those ancient dreams.
As I step out into the morning Sun, I feel its warmth upon my skin. I mouth the words of the ancestors. I greet the Sun, I pray for monsoon rains. I pray for my people to become strong, to keep our traditions and language alive.
Love is the thorn of the rose,  
He holds my hand, as if i'm special Hold me close, don't ever let go You look me in my eyes and see something more Your the only person I really  adore You laugh at my jokes, as if i'm funny
Statistic ? Huh? I am MORE than a statistic
A young maiden desperate for desire A cruel pathological liar Deep down she's lost and afraid Becoming the monster her dad made No where to look no where to turn Where's the love this young girl yearns?
Smothered by the white walls, the blue scrubs, the questions asked. Why dirty the porcelain with nothing but a finger down your throat? Why let the blood run red?
My dark blonde hair is craving the desire to be woken up by the sun's bright and shining rays, so that it can receive those natural highlights once again.
In a classroom of extroverts, A classroom full of loud, brazen, outspoken thinkers, There was a quiet girl in the class, Keeping to herself.   She didn’t talk much, as she was quite shy,
How she does it? I don't know. But still I try to understand how she...  How she manages alone. All alone she is able to provide.. To provide strength where I am weak To provide hope when I am in despair.
I asked him to stay. I heard "I'm sorry honey, good bye." Bye dad I love you.
Society gives us social media to post our opinion How we feel What we're doing Pictures of us and then some  And we're always on our phones Texting Facetiming Skyping Messaging
Society. Some may say it's okay and safe. Others would say it's hurting us. We are told to act a certain way. We need to be polished and clean. We need to keep our mouths quiet.
What harm can we do you on our knees?
 You only write once; make it count, pour it out. Let your pen write what your mind wants to shout. Your thoughts swim from day to day and sometimes it's all too much to say.
Meeting Smiling Laughing Smiling Laughing Liking  Laughing Liking Hugging  Liking Hugging Loving Hugging Loving Dating Loving Dating Cuddling Dating Cuddling Kissing
I am Love Kindness Happiness I like dancing. I like having fun Kindness is important to me. Living is important to me. Laughing is important to me I love you I don’t talk to many people
First time I wanted to say something First time I wanted meet you This is lovely, enchanting Feeling of anxiousness Until I reach you I want to say For ever
Be my forbidden love  Just don’t call me Juliet  Romeo must die But I’m glad that we met   Like Bella and Edward  Our love is true
Like Bonnie and Clyde  It’s you and me Together forever And Eternity   Without you I’m nothing And nothing I’ll be My heart is the treasure chest
They told her she could sing She didn’t really hear it She figured she could carry a tune But she didn’t feel special They told her she was smart She didn’t really think so
Little white butterfly, free to fly, free to roam, yet still searching, searching for my home.
The Night is quiet and devoid of lights, the world is holding its breath. Until a single spark ignites,
In the name of Allah,  I start this letter, As a child I dreamed of many dreams,
Here it comes again. There is the feeling. Food, heavy in your stomach.   Your hands begin to shake and your palms begin to sweat. You look around, searching desperately. Where can you go?  
Listless: how I become when you yell at me Prolific: what you want me to be
I am from beautiful Hawai’i nei, A place that keeps people here to stay. From beautiful beaches to multi-races; A land I was born in with features of my descendant’s faces. Raised on Hawaiian food,
Mother will you come back today? will those men who call us immigrants take you away? I do not belong here Or so they say We steal their jobs and don't pay taxes Lies
A Catalyst for Change  
We've been put in an uncomfortable position
Getting out of the car, I felt great, more like myself, but the higher I went the higher I got.  The hike was a blur, I couldn’t even see my own hands. The mountain ate me and the sun swallowed me whole with its heat.
She liked control.  Because as long as she was in control. She could determine what happens. So she would push people away And soon enough she only had herself.
They call it going to bed
"Hold the Phone!"   “Floo-flop” chimes the phone, On the drive home.   What text could it be, That you just have to see.  
A conversation about politics gets most people uptight
I ran across a tweet yesterday,  "If you're darkskinned, you need to atleast have a pretty face. #TeaLightskinned" Funny thing is, whites don't even have to be racist anymore, we're doing it for them.
You are my rock We never use to be so close   Back when we fought We bickered   Threw things at each other I didn’t talk. You didn’t listen.   Things are different now
My world has shattered,
Bound in contempt, Spokes of spine pierce raw skin, Like spears of war slaughter innocence.
Lies surround me in a thick fog Suffocating my words Clouding my thoughts Things of true value can't be bought But materialism and dishonesty is all we've been taught They put our souls on the stand
And honestly theres so many scholarships and not enough time My vision gets blurry; I cant see between the line
Love. I've always wanted love. But a special kind of love. Not that lovey dovey, kiss kiss, let me talk to you every second of the day - love, no.
Once I am gone: Will there stay a blue sky, As it was everyday? Will the sun rise and fall? Will the people live without me? Will there ever be someone as right, As purposeful as me?
It really is quite sad how fast time flies The hours, the days, the months, the years tick on And here you're thinking you are old and wise. A simple child with sparkle in their eyes
Everything starts off fine What you know in a straight line Stretching as far as the eye can see Things will end how you want them to be Suddenly the darkness creeps in
Walk in to the shadows, Look in to the past, Repeat the present, Evolve in to the future, Revolve the way things work, Work your way up the ladder, Show who you are,
So many words left unspoken   Inside, sometimes we just feel broken   The words from our mouth, so difficult to say   Its better in writing.  
I am a fifteen year old girlRaising two children in a poisonous worldOne is barely learning to crawl and the otherWatches my parents pay the bills with alcoholI depart like always to buy the usual
Rushing through my spine Spreading throughout my mindChills that left me coldFreezing every time
Photos on the internet Depicting things red, white and blue America the free, America the brave
We are humans. We’re made up of skin and bones, muscles and cartilage.
Muggy, hot moisture seeps into your lungs and holds itself there, as if a spellbound stranger   until the sun hails goodnight and departs, ever busy, for the other side of this flushed Earth,  
I have no passportin my back pocket. Empty as the land I left but my bloodis half pure to the half-land I land in. I have no passportin my back pocket.
The world needs to change Have acceptance towards all For all are equal
I am a millennial, an 21st Century Teen
"You are not beautiful" I tell myself this in the mirror. And I smile. A true smile. My smile. A wonderful smile.   Because I am no longer beautiful
Music flows out and and it winds around me, tightly, tightly. I am in a world that only I find safe.  The words that surround the air are foreign to me.  I could not understand them even if I tried. 
Forced to be bruised by rough dry earth. Forced to be touched by the whiskey breath. Forced to be laid down on dirty sheets. Forced to live in fear of another's touch. Forced to carry life within womb.
They tell you, you won't make it Unless you fake it Your dreams stay dreams And the reality never changes The barriers have been created And the time has been dated Only for those who are gated
I may not be dumb, But that does not mean I’m smart. I’m old enough now To take care of my own heart. So that’s what I had thought, Then I chose the wrong guy.
I feel the sun's warm rays kissing my skinThe soft breeze caressing meColors swirl and dance aboutSoft yellows blend with deep greensOcean blue becomes soft jasmine
He steadily grasped my heart with no intentions of letting go. He picked the lock to my mind and infiltrated in.  My eyes began to tell me lies. The doctors even showed proof, but I remained In denial.
Eyes meet and Hearts beat Hands, soul, and heart reach Dates, laughter, gifts,pictures, and love Fireworks and sweet sweet memories Oh, is it meant to be? Stranger... Friend...
Right as my gold rush fever slowed I stumbled on the mother lode But someone else had claimed that road—   The road to El Dorado.   I was tired of falling for fool’s gold and flakes
Just A Dream by Shyerra Harris   Is It Fictious? Imaging The Things I've Been Given...
My computer is evil watch and see.
For two whole years she lived in fear
With your smile you dim ten thousand of the universe's brightest stars,
Growing up in a urban town of nothingness Plagued by poverty Condemned with shootings and robberies The suicide of humility Homicide of equality Annihilation of respect An obliteration of relations
a beautiful victory
What if planes could hydroplane on the clouds
They say if you eat your vegetables you grow strong I disagree whole heartedly I say pain makes you grow strong It’s pain that’s led me on my path The path of success So that I can justify my father
I am questioning if the world I knew before was the same I see now.  The world full of disappointment and fake happiness.  The unhappy endings and the lying ways of our human race. 
The most powerful word in the world is Jesus. Simply calling on the name of Jesus we can do many things Calling on the name of the King of Kings I can cast out demons and lay hands on the sick
I'm  piecing a puzzle, but i cant seem to finish it.  I mean, its finished, but its not; its all there, yet something's missing; like, the correct complete puzzle, but somehow the pieces don't fit.  
Couldn't anyone hear me? 
Break through your melancholy shell And witness the world for all that it is. Stop isolating your happiness. Find solace in the warmth of strangers.   Look up and see the life and the love,
To see you smile is all that I crave. Don’t worry, my darling, I know you were brave. You were scared of yourself and what you might do, And I promised to be there to help you through.
When I asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up, he said "a rapper". I said, "Alright baby, rap for me". I unlocked his lips and words spilled out of his mouth like lava, burning my ears on the way in.
 Yes em master no em master
Sword in hand, the knight storms into the fortress. Swinging his blade, he strikes fear into his foes, Slaughtering them, savoring each of those blows. Spearmen pawn their poor lives for his sinful bliss,
I'll only write once at 8 am, I'll write once again at 9. The true test comes at 10 am because I've had all I can to eat, Including the wine.   The words are harder to understand,
It’s when i’m happy that I feel less than inspired.
being sixteen is kind of a big thing
"Mommy, Mommy!"
My Ancestry has bestowed upon me a great set of accomplishments.
How young How naive How stupid How trusting   I was to think everyone is honest   False promises Demeaning attitude with simple words words I ignored  
I'm broken You're broken together, do we make one whole unbroken piece? where do i stand, what do i see? are you with me? i'm in despair, and you are of no help, why must i be blinded
Sometimes I feel that I am young And wild and Free.   Yet, At other points I see, That truly in fact I am not Free.   I have to work. I have to learn. I have to eat.
People use the word "crazy" like it's a drug."Did you see that video? It was so crazy!" "That exam was crazy hard, I don't think I passed."
  remember when we would say "i love you" before we hung up the phone and if i didn't say it back you would get an attitude.
What if, one day, We stopped. Stopped wasting Time online. Stopped sitting And doing nothing. What if, one day, We got up. We exercised, Got fit, ate healthy.
You are an egg,a lifeless egg,soon to be fertilized into a beautiful human being,you breathe in and breathe out,you live and die.
My name is Katie. i for sure ain't eighty. I'm a "spider cutie" with a big, Cuban booty. But you can call me the "leading light" because I am now a UCF knight! -KLow
I wish I would of known this before, to save myself from your door. But we all have lessons to learn, even if we get a minor burn. Like Martin Luther King, I gave you my rights and everything.
My heart beats faster, The stone in my chest falls deeper, Down, Down, Until it hits the darkest crevice of the sea, My heart is free, Free to love, Free to be,
You only live once. What a statement. And its true. You only have one chance to do the things that you want to do. Although that phrase is overused and a thing that preteens say.
So you wanna be gay, huh? Well I'm sorry fellow, but that just don't fly with me. You gotta be straight and man up. Show that God gave you some damn balls. You think you know what you feel?
A little background information: This poem is about my son's "father," who was a liar and a cheater.
Tears run down her face,  And loudly she weeps,
The bullied simply need a pal, someone can simply take a step and be the one to connect. Changing a kid's life by talking with him will instill confidence and optimism in him.
Music is part of my everyday life, it's the one thing that makes me feel alive. No matter what could be, all music influences me. Music teaches me everything I do, after hearing the words, you know it suits you.
  If I could do anything What would I be…? On the days when I’m feeling full and bright I think I’ll be the Sun. On the days when I’m feeling high and free I think I’ll be the Sky.
It hurts to see the table empty with no foodAnd my little brother walking around with some fucked up shoes
You called me baby I melted like snow in April sunlight consumed by your blue eyes you captured my arms pushed me down as  I screamed no But you covered my mouth as you called me baby 
When I speak pay attention to the words that are spoken/ Because I'm a spokesmen for guys who pockets are broken/ And all they got left is a Dutch and a pack of tokens/ Bet when I'm done you'll get to quoting/
Innocent people being hooked on the blue book, becoming dull robots that speak in code; it comes in your sleep taking your intellect like a crook, by bribing you with a new mode.
Stress? What is stress?
Stress? What is stress?
You were the greatest woman I'd ever had the privilege to know. You were beautiful, still, Lying motionless in the quiet darkness, Breathing slow, distant, Almost nonexistent,
Before reality hits you, problems are small, issues fixable, and faults  acceptable. Everything easily  correctable.  Before reality hits you, life seems easy; no regret no fear no pain. 
Taking a step into the one place that fills me with euphoria, my senses become bolder and my mind proceeds to de-cloud. The picnic tables are in their usual place,
I sit on a shelf, a trophy My life is on display I'm surrounded by a soundproof box My voice drowned out by its confines.   People point and stare and I know they are judging me;
Can you see my love  Im right in front of you  Right here! right here! Tell me you see my love  Show me you still care  Can you give me a sign other than playing with her hair
Hope. Without hope  I'm Trapped. And my Escape? Words. Let the deep passion of, YOU. Know that He is the, ONLY way out, Spreading the Love of God with the Words  I WRITE.
1. Scrub your skin cleanuntil the fingerprintsof mean boysare wiped clear fromyour thighs and wrists. 
I want to rub honey 
Sunshine will burstthrough my ribcageand illuminate the skywith a warm yellow lightthat will pourover your skinduring yourcoldest winters.Daffodils will sprout from myeye sockets
I hope that by now you have caught all the butterfliesthat once freely fluttered within your intestines.And instead of killing them,you keep them in a Mason jarfor the next time you’re numb
I tied lavender teabagsto my whittled whitefingers and pretendedI was Virginia Woolf.However, Virginia sankinto the River Ouseand I,into my bathtub.I wanted to sleepand sink
1. Scrub your skin cleanuntil the fingerprintsof mean boysare wiped clear fromyour thighs and wrists. 
If I could only write, one more time in my life, To say all these words, that have never been said, I definitely wouldn’t be writing  for a scholarship. Money, power, wealth, gain,
I was drowning and you were standing Three feet away, yelling
I was taught 31 digits of pi And to ask "how?" not "why?" I was taught how to solve for x And how to prepare for tests   I was taught how to read, write and speak
I took a look over the edge and slipped I fell into an oblivion The fall did not just puncture my bones but hurt a few hearts in the process   They told me everything would be okay but they all left
Of the darkness
Explore my mind, Explore my mind What am I to be? Who am I t find? What will life bring to me? Why do I feel blind? Blinded by my destiny, my true destiny I wonder A Poet, an actress, a dancer
Dear Audience.. Hear me now.. In case I can’t speak tomorrow.. You see sorrow.. And follow as sharks inside of water.. When they see blood... Of some one claimed to be crippled... Their perfectly well... Perfectly fine... Well in mine.. Etc... For
You don't know how it happened? You don't know how you threw it all away? Sure you do.   You may not have realized it but once you started, it all became an immense possibility.  
I remember sititng, head against the silver wall.  The engine roared, trembling the floor I slouched on. It sounded like some sort of wild beast. Looking out the open door across from me
The clang of a single coin in an empty tin Alerts the man to sadly look down.   He fishes out the nickel Holding it up to the light Dreaming of what it must feel like
We all live contrasting ways. We alter our ego’s mask in order to fulfill what we think others want to see. We all forget what’s most important to tightly grasp;
She walked in the street, she did not know; It wasn't safe The man stole her, Sold her, For an unforgivable price. Now,  She lives in fear,      for her,      her family,
I sit here and think How have I come to be, This young man that has transformed It all matters to me. I see how my world has unfolded In one year more than three, And I appreciate those years
land of the free,home of the brave laws force us to behave, the government puts us in a cage prospectives in projects makes the world hard to digest. Even when I try my best, you cannot let my flaws lay to rest
We are allowed one opportunity in this lifetime to acquire all the knowledge we choose,Some people find a thrill in the pursuit of knowledge; some need a mentor, or a muse.
You see a homeless man Standing on the corner of the road. You see vehicles Passing by him. You see women and children Scurrying to the opposite side of him. You see the world
How old are we when we become corrupt?Where along the way did we lose our innocence?Better yet, when did we stop looking for it?We curse, we hate, we live selfishly.We live in a world wherewomen are raped,
Wipe away all the pain Erase it all, clean off the shame Every second, a brand new slate Start right now, no time to wait You're the only one, who can decide On the morals and standards to abide
Fat, ugly, worthless Erase Bad thoughts, tears, heart break Replace Happiness, love, smiles Take in Loving yourself, always Begin Friends, family, good thoughts Keep
He never sleeps He only hides He jumps out And yells surprise In the dark When the sun is down Erased the smiles Replaced with frowns Sucks out life Covers up the light
You only live once, That's the motto we hear. But we use that as an excuse, To party and drink beer.   You plunge your needles into your veins, You roll your dope and snort your coke.
Do you see that Boy? I see that Boy.  I see Him everyday in pictures with His smile and in photographs all the while. That Boy makes me happy. His face full of beauty. His eyes get me everytime.
Innocent lives being lossed, like they dont know the meaning of lifes cost. The government has money for guns and war but still cant feed the poor. They tell young men that its a new chapter, a new door. But not just any men, black men.
Live and learn, just to work and earn. That degree or career, will help you live life without fear. See, an education is all I need.. Add some dedication and ambition, and I will succeed. 
When Momma died the boys were left alone,  Daddy, Me and little bro. But Daddy was never around anymore, So when he'd leave I'd close the blinds and lock the door, And sit with my brother, watching him sleep. 
The rolling waves of time Lap onto the shores of life Smoothing all the stones On the shore, I feel alone Whenever I am near the water's edge I'd rather be in bed Where I know I can sleep peacefully
"Actions planned are never completed" was the constant whisper of the snow the falling snow that reflects the falling tears slipping away from my soul   the expected day was never presented
1,2,3...... Gasp. All it took was three seconds, three seconds and my life changed forever.Thoughtfulness neglected, My heart would  now be more pretected,
I have lived many lives, but none my own. A sea captain, a lover, a crone. The soft spray of the sea hits me like the honeysuckles of the fields. A cabin in the woods, with the faint smell of gingerbread...
Free. Safe.I compain aboutWorking 5:00amShifts before aTwelve-hour dayAt school.Enslaved.Raped.You'd killTo drive far away,In the dingy 1994 Honda Accord
I feel like a fraud whenever people applaud me;spitting proper sentences written in sloppy penmanshipmy brain is ten inch thick, but my wallet envelops zipget woozy when I swallow sips, you can tell from the yellow skin
The aroma hits the back of my throat like tension in an abusive household Yet I take a bigger gulp Hoping the temporary darkness will last longer this time
"You only live once", is what they say. But what does that mean? To live is to love,  but you don't only love once.   You love your friends, siblings, parents,
 It was the second week of my sophomore year, there was a substitute. Again.
When I was little, about 6 or 8 my dad built me a dream house. He built me my club house he built it with his bare hands. Those days when he was in my backyard creating his masterpiece was the most time I had ever consecutively spent with him.
Can it be true?  Is this real?  What if it's not? What if it is?  How will I know? The alarm finally rang, because it's Once Upon A Time, to get up and see what's going on.  It can't be true.
Dear Society, I have tried And I have failed My Friend I tried A task that I couldn't nail I am sorry oh dear Society I cannot meet your criteria There's a burning deep inside of me
Yes, I am fully aware that my cleavage is exposed. No, I do not care. Yes, I know that it is against school dress code. No, I do not care. You claim that it is distracting to the class to be “indecently exposed”
Take me as I am or leave me as I go. I am who I am, Not who you want me to be. The person that you see was not chosen by me. The God that lies above exclusively chose the features and color of my body. 
Society paints this picture That I'm not pretty without society's perfect features Yeah we see I'm not a double D But when you look at me are you telling me that's all you see?
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