Better Days


It hurts to see the table empty with no food
And my little brother walking around with some fucked up shoes
The way I'm living I aint proud of I deserve better
But I don't worry cus' I know there could be worse weather. 
You take, the time to judge not realizing what I've been through
But if you look at your past you probably sinned too. 
Nobody's perfect, But I'm pretty sure somebody's worth it. 
Cats out hunding not for heads but for jobs
People trynna stunt, "fuck the feds &  the opps"
Now I understand, see you trynna get your dollars up
But at the same time brother get you knowledge up. 
Was the dirt worth the stain? 
And was the urge worth the pain?
See, good things come to those who wait
So don't worry if nothing good happens to you that day... 
Better Days

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