The Last Page


I'll only write once at 8 am,
I'll write once again at 9.
The true test comes at 10 am because I've had all I can to eat,
Including the wine.
The words are harder to understand,
I'll only write them once and slurred,
I'll write them once again when the sun comes up,
When the editting takes hold.
I believe these words mean something more,
Something truer than something else,
Because I'm not caged by my grammatical chains,
There's nothing to filter my thoughts.
Once I wrote I loved him,
Once I wrote I dreamed she was lost,
Once I forgot to write about them,
Once I wrote what I should have not.
But I'll write again and write only once,
These thoughts have only moments,
They're far and few between,
Completely influenced.
You only drive once with a drink in your hand,
A cell phone next to your ear,
But I can only write once about what I should not have done,
Gone, I'm no longer here.


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