Your Mistake


You walk into the store,

nervously glancing

at the clerk.

You see your friends

silently cheering

as you grab those drinks

that you know

you should not have.

The clerk ask for ID

and with hands that shake,

you go up and

you show him a fake.

Proud of your trick,

you walk with confidence

toward the front door,

out to the car

that you turn on with a roar.

You and your friends

drive to the park

where you drink

and you drink

'til you just can't stop.

Thirty minutes later

you want to go for a drive.

You turn the key

and with blurry eyes,

you turn onto

the now empty road.

Taking sips of your drink,

feeling the rush,

you pass it around

to where your friends

can be found.

With eyes off the road,

your body starts to slow

and things move too fast.

You finally see the car

but you don't make it pass.

Both cars start

to flip and to slide.

You are lucky though,

because you do not die.

Your friends are not,

neither is the other.

Because of your recklessness,

your mistake,

and your drunkenness,

they all have died.


People say you are lucky,

lucky to be alive.

You don't agree

because on the inside,

your guilt and your grief

eat you alive.

You always wonder,

if you hadn't picked up

that mind-numbing drink,

would they still

be alive?

If you had not lied

to that store clerk,

would you still have ruined

all those innocent lives?

Next time think,

think before you drink.

Think about the affect it has

because you don't get a pass

to excuse the mistakes

it may cause you

to make.


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