Vapor, the Indigo Child


And honestly theres so many scholarships and not enough time

My vision gets blurry; I cant see between the line

As I grew up all I had was pen and paper.

Now my rhymes always escape me, they call me vapor.

Yes I sin, I curse, I yell, and I cry.

Im a demon stuck in a cold world, dont ask me why.

But im an angel, an incarnated mermaid.

See im an angel, gods tool here to give shelter and aide.

You can find warmth in my arms.

You can find peace and no harm. 

But see it all fades away in the end. 

Nothing lasts forever cause the colors always blend. 

A black and a blue, the color he left on my skin.

The purple and yellow, my veins hold it within. 

See my heart pounds and it races,

My love grows and it chases. 

But the light dims out and i can see it no longer. 

Only the spirit walks with me appears.

and yet again I have no fear.   

See when I take my glasses off I can see the dead and I can hear. 

The whispers draw near to my ear.   

He whispers to let go and yet again, my rhymes escape me.   

My phone blows up with all these haters stating they could kill me off but see, a hater is just a hater.  

And these haters call me vapor. 




Haters don't deserve mention darlin'

Leave 'em where they belong, in the ashes and dust.

Stay strong and the world will bend where you won't.


Thanks !! Just a little something something ya know ?(:

The Greenhorn Parnassian

I like the name of your poem!



thankyou !! Much appreciated :)

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