Write For Your Life


The clock of life is ticking

And my dear the nails of death are clicking

Drumming out the sound, until silence when your body is beneath the cold ground

This is your final battle cry

Never let a single word go unsaid, don’t let them petrify in the tomb of your own head

Pick up your pen, for it is mightier than the two edged sword

Let loose your thoughts like bats from hell

Open the flood gates wide and drown them with that you have to say

Ring loud the bells, you have stories to tell

Another minute is whisked away, the Grim Reaper has come out to play

Now, do it now

Don’t waste another moment

Breathe fire on your enemies with the words on the page

Give praise and honor to those you love, let your sentences be like a rose parade

Write down every word that describes who you are so they may never insult your blessed name

Confess every sin so it may be brought to light,

 Tell your secret dreams so with your soul it can take flight

Faster, faster, faster you just write

Don’t let your hand stop until the dawn of night

Give your opinion on everything you see

I hate broccoli, dogs should have rights, I can’t stand kids with kites

Steak should be eaten three times a week, movies are too expensive, our leaders are corrupt

I want to tell my teachers to just shut up, the rainforests are sacred, global warming is a scam,

I love him, that girl hates me, people need to stand up for their rights, I don’t mind a good fight

Dentists are the devil, more people should become underwater welders, reality TV is a joke

You can go on and on writing to the beat of your final song

But please say it all, don’t hold a single word back

Because although for you this is the end, these words can reincarnate and begin again

Words last forever, they cannot die, you cannot blot them out even if you try

So seize this power because it is greater than death

My dear the time has run out

Put your pen down and seal it with a tear

But have little fear because through these pages you will live forever

You only write once

So make each word count



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