Power in Your Words

Wed, 01/01/2014 - 03:55 -- anw6145


The most powerful word in the world is Jesus.

Simply calling on the name of Jesus we can do many things

Calling on the name of the King of Kings

I can cast out demons and lay hands on the sick

I can even prophesized to a random chick

I can speak in unknown tongues and utter out mysteries

My past…. Well its history

When saying the powerful name of Jesus.

His name brings joy to my heart

I never want us to be apart

Oh Lord fill me with the Holy Spirit

I love your name because demons fear it

I want more of you and less of me

I want to see a generation hungry after Ye

When they hear the powerful name of Jesus.




Guide that inspired this poem: 



 My love for Jesus is real! I just let my spirit guide me as I wrote this. I ust wanted to write a poem lifting up and glorifying our Father! He is worthy of it all! God bless!

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