My biggest enemy


I took a look over the edge and slipped

I fell into an oblivion

The fall did not just puncture my bones

but hurt a few hearts in the process


They told me everything would be okay

but they all left

I tried to save them from me

but they didn’t listen


Now I am back where I started

I am alone and empty

You never know how hitting rock bottom will feel

until you hit it and it isn't fun being there


I struggled to climb back up

to fix the things I messed up

I tried to start over

but I fell to far


there is no turning back

there is no undoing what has been done

there is no apologies

there is no allies in this war


I am my biggest enemy



this peice is beautiful in a way that shows a person could have a decent life and still suffer from depression. i love that you added the picture to create the feel of depth and darkness. good job and write on

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