Crooked Nation

Wed, 10/30/2013 - 19:13 -- baby k.


Innocent lives being lossed, like they dont know the meaning of lifes cost. The government has money for guns and war but still cant feed the poor. They tell young men that its a new chapter, a new door. But not just any men, black men. Black men in ways back when it was the color of there skin that held them back. They were lynched and beaten while the crooked nation had no conscience they were sleeping. Once again innocent lives being lossed in this crooked nation. We need a new time a new revelation. THey know how to keep a race broke and held back because were black. Distribuiting crack to a poverty stricken area, and guess who was the carrier? They introduced black on black crime. They made us lose the value of a dime. God bless America ? see we are history. His story. All because of a crooked nation ,who couldnt see the predation, of a time being because pretty soon after tupac, after obama the african american race will have  revelation in this crooked nation.      - baby k  


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