Generation Y

I am a millennial, an 21st Century Teen

Generation Y or just a generation that doesn't give a shit 

Born between the birth of AIDs and 9/11  

If we are the future, then the future is bleak

With Twitter and Facebook, social media enables us to post our every thought

Whenever we fart or watch our favorite TV Show for all the world to see

But we always try to disguise our darkest thoughts with the prettiest diamonds that flickered in the light

Generation Y, a generation of narcissim

Teen romance isn't about true love because we drop the L word too soon

We want the love and romance, but not the struggle and heartache

We want the stereotype and cliche, but not the reality

They say, "I love you" to someone they've been talking to for about fifteen minutes

We tend to fall in love with someone because they're attractive and not for their personality

Beauty wasn't in the eyes of the beholder anymore 

If someone is fat or ugly, then they're not attractive

You have to be an Hollister model or workout eight hours a day

Then, you'll officially be perfect

But perfection is unobtainable, imperfection is reality

Generation Y, a suicide generation

We're sensitive, soft, vulnerable to insults

We subconsciously manufacture people's words and turn them into daggers that stab our hearts until they bleed 

We don't accept ourselves, but accept what we should be or what people say what we should be

We convince ourselves that suicide doesn't kill, saddness does

But in truth, saddness is temporary, suicide is forever

Life is fragile, hard times doesn't last

I called my generation, "Generation Y" because we don't deserve the entitlement of being the next evolution of human species 

We fall in love young, have kids young, marry young, and start a life young

But what we don't do is give birth to our dreams

Moral values turns into trends, and life becomes a video game

We live this disreputable life but we done it in the ugliest style

Our only defining trait is blissful ignorance 

Young forever without fear of the consequences

Generation Y. 


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