Speaking for the Bullied

Tue, 12/10/2013 - 00:49 -- C-Dawg

The bullied simply need a pal,

someone can simply take a step

and be the one to connect.

Changing a kid's life by talking with him

will instill confidence and optimism in him.

The world needs people who learn to stand up for themselves

but before they're able to, they may sometimes need a helping hand.

The bullied are kids who can be just as special 

with a funnier laugh, sweeter sense of humor, or just more interesting ideas 

in anything that no one else would really think of.

So instead of taking advantage and being foolish,

let's be wise and friendly and open the doors to the innocent wonderful kids 

with bright minds.

With my education, I will find ways to raise awareness for people being bullied and 

make one of the differences I strive to make.


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