They Said

Be yourself

    they said.

But don't do this

And you can't do that.

Don't change for others

     they said.


It's only a phase

     they said.

You're doiing itfor attention.

You shouldn't feel like that.

That's not right

     they said.


Just be happy

     they said.

Stop being negative.

You're just being lazy.

Stop crying

    they said.


She's an outcast

    they said.

She's wearing long sleeves.

She's in the bathroom again.

She's a freak

     they said.


She's not one of us

     they said.

She hasn't been at school.

We don't know what happed to her.

She changed

    they said.


She's been gone

    they said.

Her sister cries.

Her parents came for her belongings.

She was a beautiful person

     they said.

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This is gonna make me cry...I think too often we judge people and no matter how much they try to change we ridicule them either way. But truly amazing and plz read and comment on my poems so I can have more feedback


Holy crap this is short but powerful.

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