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In the midst of Spring,Avenues are blossoming,Its a story of Within Warmth gentle capture,A Photo of wonder by air,A season's Splendor takes allure.
Haiku 2024 #1   A grey April day Waiting for the sun to shine So the earth will smile   Susan Maree Jeavons  
In the quiet of winter's end,Where frost once claimed its reign,Emerges a tender, gentle trend—The beginning of spring's sweet refrain. Buds dare to push through the cold,A dance of life unfolds anew,Soft hues of green and gold,Paint the world in
The month of May Exists so we can love The beautiful flowers of nature
I have never seen an ugly flowerFlowers are always full of grandeurFlowers are known to be beautifulAll the time, that's stupendously wonderfulAll flowers speak a beautiful language
Keine Ratte steht tatsächlich über dem Gesetz Gerechtigkeit muss blind, fair, gleich und roh sein Für alle, in einer demokratischen Gesellschaft
                                                      I want to be known by one name Like Dessalines, Christophe and Pétion Like Pelé, Ali or a Great Champion
Mon amour, ma femme Mon amie, mon âme Quand je dis que je t’aime Ce n’est pas une plaisanterie Ce n’est pas une triste moquerie
My love, my all My friend, my soul When I say I love you It is not a joke It's not a sad laughingstock
I offer to you my sweet heart every day In lieu of heaven and honey cakes I offer to you bouquets of pretty flowers
Cheery as this beautiful bird of nature,Which can easily find its food.Cheerful as the bird of paradise,Which gives hope to the destitute.
Frau, du warst so schön. Du warst so hübsch Du warst so höflich, so jung und voller Leben Du warst so wunderschön. Du warst so nett Du warst so zärtlich und fern von den Raupen.
Mulher, você era tão linda. Você era tão bonita Você foi tão educada, tão jovem e cheia de vida Você era tão linda. Você foi tão legal
Tears over death Not because you’ve left Without saying goodbye Oh! I cannot tell a lie.
I have never really been a person to really enjoy when it was Spring, Because I never really sat back and thought about all of the changes and the beauty that it can bring.
SeasonsFour seasons in a year. summer is the best one . in the winter it's cold . The spring is wet and muddy  the spring is the best time to play spring aau.
Seasonsfour seasons in a year summer is the best one  in the winter it's cold  The spring is wet and muddy  the spring is the best time to play spring aau then comes the hot,sticky and, humid summer 
Darling, you love me And yet, I love you more My angel, you like me And, but I like you more.
I always used to say I hated summer Something about the heat Or the sun burns Or the bugs flying around No matter where you go But it wasn’t entirely true You see It’s true that I hated summer
Today is a new spring’s first day Today is the birth of a new season Today is another blessed birthday
If you plant the seeds of loveYou'll reap gorgeous flowers of loveIf you spray the seeds of hateMany plants and treesWill blossom flowers of hateAnd you won't like the fateNobody enjoys death and miseries
Es una otra primavera Es una nueva temporada Un otro día de lluvia ligera cayendo Un otro día medio soleado otra vez
It is another spring It is a brand new season Another day of light rain falling Another semi-sunny day again
The thick grey clouds rise revealing baby blue sky underneath A new warmer breeze blows spring scent fresh, welcome, healing I am filled with new promise  hope, courage, compassion for myself
Color is irrelevant To me It is the natural beauty Which is absolutely Dazzling and important To me
Like a soft blanket with ruffles and weaves,The ground is coveredWhite, pristine, pure, she sleeps,In her, creation slumbers.  
After snowColors sproutFragrant air after sun showers departEverything green has a fresh startPlush treesBirds singemerging Spring
Today is Easter Sunday The grass is a little greener The flowers are beginning to say hello The chill in the air seems less invasive   It’s time to wake up, get out of bed
Happy as a butterfly Smart as a bee The sugar to my tea You were there for me You watched me grow And begged me to dance As I jumped for the stars From my heels to my tippy toes
RICHES Riches isn't all about materialization. Richness is lifestyle and divine. The most valuable thangs are invisible to the naked eye.
Every now and then I visit the park It's beautiful in autumn As if spring sleeps on the ground But then there my lover is Wearing her summer smile Dancing in the autumn breeze
Beautiful cherry trees glistening blossoms pink petals dancing Spring should be a delight   But my eyes are itching, my nose is runny,
The sun came out for a moment today and, while I am fully aware that November has hardly begun, I couldn’t help but picture ice dripping on a late-April afternoon.
wind rattling weightless backyard furniture  wings buzzing near the pane scampering lizard up the wall scorpion families opening pincers into spring  even as I type the word scorpion I wish a
On Easter, a day thousands of years old, traditions have changed but the story’s retold.   From Eastern festivals to Christian new life, to bunnies and baskets and fields with eggs rife.
As they looked out at the world  The Snow dancing around them He looked over at her, “What do you think happens when the Snow melts?” She stood there for a moment
Pink petals and Bright green leaves Gold-brown pinestraw crunches underfoot; It's spring. The sun shines down on me,
Inhale the scent of fresh cut grass,  Smelling crisp in the morning dew.  The fighting hummingbirds begin their clash,  As the morning starts anew.  While Spring's lovely days  Are warm and sweet, 
Time passes by and darkness begins to descend. But still the trees will not bend, the darkness creeps ever closer and brings the crisp cold air, yet the trees do not bend. The air gets colder as we all get older, here the first leaves fall.
laughing at nothing feeling everything our love a rose in spring   something has changed we have changed into something more   maybe it was how his hand felt right in mine
I love to watch you wind, as you sway the trees and blow across the fields in a gentle breeze, but I wonder where you go.   You disappear sometimes in a mischievous sort of way
            Since blossoming from the florid queen of death herself,there has always been an exquisite beauty in aesthetic variance.The floral goth contrast, the inharmonious perennial dance with darkness
I looked out my window On a dark April evening And my heart lifted up.   One Yellow  Pansy Had bloomed,  
As i fly throughr the wooded path, their vivid colors catch my dazed eyes. Penatrating my heart in depth. Their brillenece brings warmth and joy to my broken spirt. The time us coming to an end too soon.
She wishes to travel around the world,Around she goes in graceful swirls,She closes her eyes.
it was blossom of spring a spring in my step  a beautiful flower rising up from the broken dirt   the blossoming of new  found and new born life the life of a girl who used
as my feet shift heavily lumbering forward on this iceberg ground, i cast my gaze on the world above me. as i approach an organized pile of bricks and glass, white teardrops of flecks
Spring sounds like ice cracking as it thaws. It sounds of new beginnings, the soft chirps of baby birds. The sound of wildlife returns after winter long silence.
Sweating and smiling in spaghetti straps blowing bubblegum and peeling it off the edges of their lips, pruned, stretched, flattening it against the backs of their teeth and the corrugated roofs of their mouths. 
The fall was harsh, the winter was bitter. A frozen field failed to yield spring life except for one flower. It was no quitter. It pushed and pounded on the ice in strife  
PART I Cupid’s bow spoke to me Its Honduran mahogany Cut piece by piece And carved into shape Etched with a design
In Fall, there are orange leaves on all the trees. It's the season of my birthday and Halloween. It's very dandy to get all that candy.
I believe "deceitful" is a bit harsh, prone to believe she's "full of herself" with her frosty farthingale draping my mountainside.
The spring brings milk and honey The season of love and birth But we crave lust and money  And forget each moments worth
Treetops freckled the surrounding mountains from the months of March through October. The summer brought an art gallery of plants. This part of Oregon is beautiful year-round.
the gold and crimson spilled over the grass                         flowers bloom through the snow the sunset was one of the few beautiful things there                         a rural area
The first sign of spring is like this should be new year’s, not the era of the dead, icebox hand of winter clutching Mother Nature,   like the fingers of the pastel, cotton-candy dawn
You are all the beautiful things in the world  
Dear spring,   Oh, the melodic goldfinch birds would flutter Around the needles of the pine, a figure eight they would weave Crisp air with nestlings of twigs, humans could perceive
As the weather changesAnd seasons passI take in the worldSpinning around meSlowly, quickly
Dear No One, winter comes around, feelings of warm and comfort completes me, spring comes around, but the thought of being scared and helpless fills me,  summer is right around the corner
Red, orange, yellow, brown. A Technicolor, rainbow town. Children go outside and play. Even though the clouds are grey.  
In this frigid winter I write To you who reminds me of this unwelcome chill, That comes not at my request but at the hand of nature Like the wind, you envelop me in an unwanted embrace,
I see that everything is changing, everything is falling into place.  And as I watch the seasons changing, I know nothing will ever be the same.  I can see that Spring is on it's way,
Light Living in my skin When daylight reaches past 8 And arises before 7 An axe splits open my shell A familiar coffin of cobwebs
For the longest time, I told myself love wasn't for me. Then you came along; you and your sweet words that made everything okay. The air tasted sweeter suddenly,  and there was a certain spring in my step.
A relationship must be like the spring When I am free from feeling winter's breath Which tears up my skin, leaving a burning sting.   A relationship must be like the cherry blossom tree Sturdy and rare 
It seems I only wrote of winter And gloomy days of fall. My words would sting like splinters, And scratch me with their claws.   Now that I know this life, With springtime on my skin,
Buzzing bees and blooming trees have everyone aglow. Sunny, cloudless skies give rise to warmer days, I know. Singing birds, and pretty words about newly grassy greens, Petals abud and puddles of mud
There was an earthquake at his core. A warm, beautiful crack in his porcelain skin. The fracture stretched from wilting lips To the sultry caress of midnight breeze
Spring is a cheerful And warm time  Flowers are blooming Birds are singing And having babies The cold climate is going, And spring is near              
Alas spring, a season of love and sun and warmth, where birds fly high in the sky, though rain is frequent too, lots of storms, they make this agreeable season something torn:
Spring, it smells like dew-stained lilacs fair, Of gardens with bloodred roses blooming there. Spring, it sounds like songbirds chirping with glee, And the plip-plop of raindrops sounds musical to me.
  Finally The sun is shining Finally The birds are singing Rejoicing Like me
Springtime comes around, The birds chirp, and flowers bloom, The world awakens.
January – Just establishing new year resolutions, just dreaming about who I want to be, just looking back over the past year The Beginning.
Weave flowers through your hair while we sit in the garden. To be alone with you, not touching, never touching, is a sublime torture, an exercise in self-denial and gratification,
Welcoming warmth after months of harsh ice all things once dead feeling alive again regrowth, nourished by the sunglight everything in greens, yellows, and bright blues.  
Time for mattresses to turnFor leaves to fall and pick themselves up againThe dust collectsIn the far corners of the closetWhere my
It might just be the perfect day, It could also be the worst. But does it really, really matter? Of happiness I constantly burst!   It comes from the warm cup of coffee
  It all begins with a single song Drifting, fluttering, singing along. The sweet scents of a thousand flowers As they mingle through the air, It only lasts for what seems an hour,
Spring is golden like a long awaited sun it is golden like the dying snow buried grass, and it’s golden just as a young child’s innocence. Spring is also red like a rose just beginning to bloom
4.07.16 He left me in March buried beneath the dirt. The showers poured in April and cleaned away the hurt. I will blossom in May, for this is my rebirth.
  Into her torn shoes fell the rocks. She let them crumble, let herself bleed. Trudging towards her tryst with trees, under battered broken branches she
The morning sun kissed my cheek.  The starry night is alive and roams around the street. My bones are getting chills  hearing the distant howls of the wind. The lovely scent of greenery filled the air.
The springtime brings me joy My brother plays with his favorite toy   My sisters sing a happy tune My cousin just wants a balloon
Smiles are sunrises and spring flowers. They rise and grow from the joys of life. So smile.  And bring beauty into this world. 
Bugs are everywhere Plants smell nice, when you can smell Fuck this season, spring
  Green grass implies Spring, here in this statuesque creation, With flowers escalating from the earth, softening its foundation.
The first of the month brings light to our lives, birds in their nests and bees in beehives. We know that summertime is coming up soon so were hustling and bustling and stressing about school.
I love the spring mornings, when the warm breeze kisses me as the stars are going to sleep  I get lost in the many melodies that the birds sing  I laugh at the way that the sun has to shine so brightly because it loves to be the center of attentio
Sometimes the birds will sing on Sunday Sometimes the birds won't sing Sometimes the flowers bloom early Sometimes it snows in Spring   Sometimes the sun sleeps at twilight Leaving a painted sky
It's crisp and clear on a wonderful day I wanna take a step outside and play The weatherman says its just the right temperature I could go chill and relax all my worries away Shoot! I forgot I had to work today
              For months it has been cold; stuck inside our lukewarm homes and off-brand fur coats             Either taking the bus to school in the windy snow or the trains on the tracks, people with their schoolbags and totes
The air currents swirled like water in the ocean, swift and calming. . The air reminded me of fall, though life blossomed like spring, new and refreshing. . A garden green,
Silky, soft, snow white skin Glowing red, a hinting grin Locks of blazing fire trickle near Graceful life soon shall begin   Twinkling blue eve so clear, Framing brazen green, so sincere 
a november leaf, you turn it over anew. lying in wait, you murmur and coo. dead grass beneath, it’s just outside of your reach.
Love fulfills the air Excitment rushes the animals After pain and hardship, newborns are here Curiosity is our energy For Spring is full of happiness
Walking in summer is swimming, legs cutting strokes through mid-afternoon heat and humidity. Dappled shade on the sidewalk
I see a little girl, About the age of seven.  She's with her older brother,  Who's age looks eleven.  They're all by themselves, Playing on the swing.  I can smell the apple blossoms, 
Spring lives in many places   It lives in hearts, eyes, and minds.   One must know where to find spring.   If one looks close enough, she is anywhere.  
Daisy heads face dirt frost encasing their bodies price of perfection
People are like rain, but I'm only a rain drop. He's a hurricane.
She dances with an icy heart, cold, unyielding to rays of light. She creeps up, plants a kiss upon your cheek, A forgotten lover leaving traces of frostbite in her wake. There is no beating in her chest;
when he kissed her he breathed summer air into her winter lungs
I am keeper of the winter
Wet, rainy mornings Tentative sunshine by noon Flowers start to bloom
Today, I awoke, with one thought in my mind, Which was to give my love one, a flower of a kind.   Never do I truly get to tell her, how much she means to me,
Hummingbirds Hummingbirds give me hope I see them buzz, they rarely mope. When I’m tired and blue Few creatures point directly back to you. Those Hummingbirds that do not sing
Winter,why wont you go. I am cold. There is to much snow. It is suppose to be spring. Your time is over. GO! Were is spring? Why isnt spring here? You know what GO winter!
The cold winter breezes are turning warm, fading into the wet spring that I've always known. A weight presses on my chest, lifting somewhat but always  lingering,
Where the cherry shall drop into the pink oceans And he lamb’s ear shall hear the wind’s whisperings The undefeated sun shall shine forth into the fourth of darkness   Yet the grounds are of pearl
Limbs are lengthy like a tree. The smile is blossoms for all to see.   Voice of syrup sweetly flows, Kind despite all the highs and lows.   Through each winter the life persists,
Spring is in the air I can feel it everywhere I can see it in the birds flying here and there. I can see it in the flowers, blooming everywhere. I can feel it in the breeze, blowing softly across my face.
Standing in the brisk morning air wondering,
Time for renewal Time for cleaning And time for rain   You know what they say April shower’s
The first crack of the ice. The light sound of the birds flying back home.
Now it is March,And thus begins the feudWinter or Spring? Warm or cold?Will the earth be renewed?Sick and tired of bitter wind,Most are ready for Spring.Winter gathers her few supporters
Spring lovely flower bloom scent of sweet perfume love and light and life
Oh the beauty of the seasons
 Falling leaves The chilling air Darker days bring more despair
Floral prints and straw hats Sips of lemonade and a gentle scent of daisies Mix nicely with the cool spring breeze   It has just rained So grass sticks to the bottom of our feet
A day recedes,     I'll chase down one more nightA lamed and hobbling Spring     tries to outrun the tideof all the misspent monthsand all this wasted time
Hello my Sky! Up so high, so blue! We run in green, white clouds beam, ah fun!   We skip along, bounce on Under trees in apple dress, Up a hill we flew, Soft toes on dew.
The tulips --Red Yellow Purple White-- Raise sleepy heads Above their bed of grass As they nod softly Still on the cusp of sleep The breeze filling dreams With spring and summer scent
She’s the rainbow at the end of an autumn storm, I’m the mud that seeps through your shoes. She’s a cup of hot chocolate in front of the fireplace on Christmas Eve, I’m a snow blizzard that you see on the news.
Delicate finger tips caress fragile petals
If Winter only taught me one thing, it would be how to not respond when life calls for me.  Winter told me to ignore it, when my best friend called and pleaded for my involvement 
Did frost bite me?
    whatever I think becomes what I do yet those things which I wish never come true.   the sun on this morning lies bright on the faces
It seems to me, I long forgot how the warmth felt like How beautiful flowers bloom or how wild trees blush Forgetting how beautiful the birds sing into the breezing sky on a summer day, don't you wish it was just today?
If you think of Spring, what do you see?Flowers, eggs, bunnies, or bees?I see the grass, green and lush;The streams filled with a serene gush.The sky is a blanket, infinite and blue;
Spring, a time filled with joy,
Gentle and delicate,
Little flowers bud,
"No more snow," they say. 'We are finished with that part of day. We are past that portion of year. We are done with that hour of drear!"   "No more snow?" I say. "We have past all pf the array
I missed that: Being able to pull somebody close, simply because
Birds soar through the sky,
I feel the warm, gentle breeze Blow past the birds and bees,
He sits alone Staring out the window Watching the cold flakes float down To add to the ever-growing piles Bitter cold wind whistles by But he still hopes for brighter days And Spring
As summer gave way to fall
The world was an icy place until you shone upon the land. Your smile was the sun that thawed the spring. The sweet scent of you brought the flora to life. Our passionate stares burned like the long days of summer.
I heard that you’re doing not-so-well these daysWell, how could you possibly live in this maze?I remember we both used to moan and groanWe would talk about life and the dark unknown.
A whispering breeze rolls through a quiet neighbourhood. A chord giggles from the rooftops of a busy downtown. All is gone... All is vacant... With nothing but a Blank canvas left to paint.
There is a certain lullaby that floats through the air in spring with its bright, vibrant colors and cool, gentle bliss the lullaby is the song that Mother Nature sings in her warm, breathy way
Come snow, while the morn is of thy breath,
rose scented tea wafting from the cup placed so gently on the maple table top porcelain pot and sloping sides of a gentry type delicate and prim the amber brown and tinted gold
She yells when she wantsRather, when seen fit.She treads on the flame that has just been lit. She soothes in time,Never loosing her tune.The tides retreat, but seldom the moon.
Snowflakes unwillingly brighten the day They drop silently; so blissfully Through these gloves And frozen fingers They slip away Leaves and bright flowers Along a path They start their way
you know its spring when,a chalky finger points the wayon the face of broken pavement too,a tulip gardens bed and,a splash of color grows.
The leaves awake and turn over. The flowers open up to get every possible drop. The rain begins. Kids start running outside with yellow coats and boots. The air smells fresh. The ground and everything around is wet and replinished.
Rippling, warm spring breezes Melting across my face, I’m rocking on a heal in the dirt Slouching against the chains of Reason. Chasing after the thought, not now, But basking in a golden abyss between
Give me Spring in her finest Dressed in dandelions galore Today’s hazy sunset wearing Winter’s breeze   Take it all away Save the sun on my shoulders As I run through the hills
Tightly Closed, She waits for sunrise. Then she blooms. Her petals burst into various shades; Buds that endured the rain and the drought, But never wasted their time To grow.
After the lion roared a boastful growl, the baby's cries started to whimper out. The drizzling tears of the angel's eyes cleared as they encountered the mother's rosy cheeks And the sweaty dew running over her brow.
A frozen fork of / water dying is reborn / in gushing spring stream
A frozen fork of / water dying is reborn / in gushing spring stream
I've got spring fever and you are the only cure, but winter comes soon.
Spring rain makes puddles of my love upon the grass. We tumble and roll and let go of any fucks given about ideas of dry, huddled in clumps under awnings and umbrellas.
Wind howled through the trees, making them shake uncontrollably. The air shot through everyone's skin, it had been cold for so long. Yet there was an end in sight, the winter weather was gone.
Tulips grown in sun Often picked by younger ones, Left to spurt again.
 The green grass hides the Living creatures in springs’ meadows, Dancing, frolicking, swaying In the wind that makes the flowers Shiver
Love lost like rain in the summer gone to lands elsewhere. The land must survive without it, living off the fake rains of the garden hose.   Sweltering summer heat brings remembrance of spring,
O dandelions dancing in the sun, You frolic and sway under the bright sky, But only rise up once spring has begun. I hope that winter passes quickly by So we can witness your great elegance:
  Snow falls on the ground Blanketing the land in white Bright, cold, uniform.   Snow melts and flowers Rise up tentatively from The newly freed earth.   Flowers fall and leaves
this is game seven we are tied, but not for long champs will show no fear  
It’s when the animals come out of hiding, And the plants poke through the ground. Birds are chirping throughout the day, As the weather begins to warm. Babies are born, flowers are blooming.
A walk in the park would be nice the trees blowing, swaying to the winds rhythm It's where the birds sing. Watching as all the humans speak. all the beautiful women flash in the latest and hottest fashion.
I fell in love with you outside in the spring when the ground was soft and the colors around us were dull but beginning to brighten slowly. The blooming flowers sadly represent us in a sense.
And yet the flowers still push their heads out each year, out of the frozen ground. Yet they still bloom, Yet they still survive the frost. Yet it is the flower that embodies the brilliance and resilience of life.
It's cold tonight, Here in this soundless, white-canvased neighborhood. Tiny scratch marks are to be found barely notched into the surface of the snow. A shiver passes over us,
Playful, tricking Never listens to reason Cold, distant Causing misfortune Warm, caring On those rare days Short, fleating Missed once its gone Long, hopeful For life to come along
Rolling skies Tennis Ball sized hail Spring is here
I've driven this road roughly 52 times. I've seen the landscape draped in snow. I've seen the landscape grey and barren But never like this. The sky is being overcrowded with dark clouds All the green stands out in utter brilliance.
Yellow over Green What auras you bring, The gentle breeze creates a soulful melody As Maraca leaves shuffle to their fertile dance The harmonious birds take center stage
Ah, Spring, I do not know how. You let all become plated with gold, yet (instead) feign a sheet of green.
The auburn sunset rings against My eyes The smell of fresh-fried shrimp wafting in through rectangular canals of a bus a cool breeze lifts the heat and fatigue and worries
Skipping down a sunny patch Leaping into the welcoming lap Of daisies tightly interlaced With grasses that bend to face The laughing spray from the stream That quickly spills into Spring
A sapling restrained from its dirt prison Wanting to sail across the vast seas Yearning for liberation
Its anger crashing on the sodden land To darken innocence and turn it gray The mighty power of the Sky god's hand His blackest soul that blocks the light of day Its wails, so full of bitter resent
Day one: fall. Orange leaves that crumple under shoes Crazy loud thunderstorms. Is it hot out or is it cold? The ever-falling leaves, like sand in an hour glass My days falling to the ground.
Encircled by an icy perfection desiring spring to rise and thaw yearning strictly buckled down our passions mustn’t gain control
‘Twas a cold and blistering Monday afternoon Seventy nine miles of pavement separated us from our destination The winter had came with full brute force Snow drifts alongside the road completely covered the property fences
When winter storms bring snow and ice and springs face hides beneath And life is draped in cold regret where jealousy sinks its teeth The road is dark and rough, though often traversed by those
In the Spring time most people feel happy. Comforted. Safe. But not me. I get lost. Confused. Lonely. Anxious. I want to avoid the impeding summer
I know a place where all is still It's by a lake behind a hill And though to find, it's quite a trek It's a lighthouse when you're about to wreck
Curiousity Reins, Adventure, My best friend forever Dare I explore the basement?
The beautiful time of spring Grass is green All around the cherry blossom trees Hear baby birds singing Flowers start to bloom Rivers and streans flow Flip flops come out of the closet
As the seasons change, drops of dust pour from the looming clouds of asbestos The transitional breeze from winter to spring holds that certain smell and weight to it; the ozone gets excited, too
Birds chirping everywhere Leaves coming out of trees Grass in the Air
Spring is beautiful, alluring, and fine Everywhere you go you see flowers bloom With wonderful petals that brightly shine Oh what a scene they provide for our gloom
Looking up through the bones of trees that stretch into a purple sky that darkens steadily as the sun lays its head to sleep.   The first star peeps out; a frightened child peeping
For my loving heart began to open just as the petals Awaiting for a bee to come and find me Alas, the buzzing ceased but a lonely caterpillar came to thee
Just another flower dancing in the wind, enjoying the break in the weather. Friends gathering to celebrate summer getting closer.
dancing out of reach she twirls away, elated just to be alive color on the wind, the children cannot catch her try as though they might
Spring must be the season of poetry. When Shakespeare yearned for a comparison to a summer's day whispering it's coming arrival in the winds of May poppy fields. It seems as if all the love poems bloom after basking in April showers.
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