"The Flower Moon"

Wed, 05/22/2013 - 16:17 -- SnowyV


United States
40° 56' 18.006" N, 73° 49' 59.1024" W

Yellow over Green
What auras you bring,
The gentle breeze creates a soulful melody
As Maraca leaves shuffle to their fertile dance
The harmonious birds take center stage
And the tenor bees, constant with their song, swim through layers of ether
It's time to celebrate
So let nature carry your stressors
You who's scurrying through
Between uniform marble columns
With your Atlas books
And unmarked exposed skins
Won't you stay a while,
Join the occasion
and as you step on through
Into the changing waves
A million fluttering sun-kisses
will gift you a golden speckled dress
Leave your worries 10ft away honey
your shadow needs a ruse for play
Visit the orchestra and sit in for a change
Let its sturdy twining cage form an earthy placenta
The music starts afar
Now you are back to that time you were 5
When the dark scared you but you didn't know why
So you build yourself a tent out of jackets and blankets
To keep the black hole in the room from taking you away


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