Dear Spring

Dear spring,


Oh, the melodic goldfinch birds would flutter

Around the needles of the pine, a figure eight they would weave

Crisp air with nestlings of twigs, humans could perceive

Near the blossomed daffodils, they’d seek seeds and hover


Oh, the painted white lattice did mutter

Fill the gaps with blooms and a veiny appearance of leaves

Buds open as fast as the crystal drops on New Year’s Eve

Yet with the gift of sight, arrays of colors created a stutter


Oh, the aromas did gust through the window, bread and butter

Mixed with the earthy fragrance, a lawnmower odor the nose retrieves

Yet the scent of the tulips bees sought, various pollen thieves

Dodging sprinkler drops, vibrations of wings created a buzzer


Oh, the beams of the sun softened the haze for a pre-summer

Honeycomb yellow, a burned violet dusk made a wanderer believe

The gold twine of the basketry, curvaceous and all interweaved

Warmth not scorching, but caressed all elements like a mother


Oh, but how this joy did recede, melancholy pervades I utter

For the season has passed, year cycled, February triumphs and we grieve

No tweets or twitters as they anticipate you spring and your physique

The critters scatter into their crevices, bites of the frost, they suffer


Oh, how the flowers lack petals and can’t dance with a lover

Winter was a month ago, now barren and fruitlessness supersedes

Holidays concealed the upcoming decay, acting with deceit

It is a hunter, terminating all life that can’t live by another


Oh, why must the wind withdraw the scents before supper?

Now the nostrils but only sniffle, no time to enjoy senses and proceed

The insects all in disbelief, no honeybees in sight, have they all gone to sleep?

Beauty of the earth now blankets itself undercover


Oh, the sky has become grim and all things they shudder

The sun peaks with a hello, yet is soon beaten by clouds in defeat

Many tones of black fade together, yet in the distance it is to repeat

How can this dismal month breach and recover?


Spring come again, I would like to soon meet

Sincerely, Stephanie


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