Whisper of the Awakening Spring

In the quiet of winter's end,Where frost once claimed its reign,Emerges a tender, gentle trend—The beginning of spring's sweet refrain. Buds dare to push through the cold,A dance of life unfolds anew,Soft hues of green and gold,Paint the world in vibrant hue. The brooks laugh louder, day by day,As ice releases its grip,Flowers bloom in an array,On nature's newfound script. Birdsongs fill the morning light,Echoing promises, clear and true,Of warmth, of joy, of sheer delight,In skies of the brightest blue. Winter's chill begins to wane,As spring whispers, soft and slight,With every drop of gentle rain,The world awakens from the night. Rejoice in the season's tender fling,For now, we celebrate the beginning of spring.

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Our world


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