Montana "Spring" Drive

Sun, 05/05/2013 - 16:57 -- GOFFZ


United States
29° 11' 55.6656" N, 81° 2' 32.4348" W

‘Twas a cold and blistering Monday afternoon
Seventy nine miles of pavement separated us from our destination
The winter had came with full brute force
Snow drifts alongside the road completely covered the property fences
Ultimately defeating their purpose
Bushes unsuccessfully tried to shake the heavy and wet snow off their hunched and aching backs
Small shrubs on the sides of sheer hills tried to hold themselves up from falling down and having to start again
Hillsides prayed for sunlight to warm themselves
Deer pawed through the snow to try to get a meal in their empty stomachs
Cattle consumed grass, trying to stay warm, and hungrily eyeing nearby hay bales
Rows of winter wheat struggled to the surface from underneath a blanket of snow
Snow snakes slithering across the unobstructed prairie
The cold froze all that moved
Ponds now wait to experience the cutting edge of an ice skate
Powerful river became covered with a thin sheet of glass
A large and imminent cold front marked by a blockade of white and purple cloud in the North brought powerful winds
Grass and other noxious weeds were bent over from the chilling and gusting wind
Geese began on their long journey to the south
This old place had experienced much, and it was quite obvious
Cottonwoods down by the river that have been there for ages
Withering barns that have seen one too many winters were barely standing
Occasional homestead that were now abandoned and left to the elements
Unending lines of fence posts and telephone poles
Tire tracks left there by there previous owner
Trees and other plant life sucking the moisture from the nearest water source
However, this place is still the most beautiful place
Prairie like an unending expanse off into the far distance
Hillsides full of a large network of game trails known only to their majestic users
Weak streams flowing their way down valleys to later meet up with their mother
Snow white mountains and rolling hills in the vast distance that are as unique as all humans are
Jagged peaks, prominent cliffs, sheer peaks and looming mountains covered in pines and great expanses
Couldn’t tell where the mountains ended and the sky started
The brilliant sun was shining brightly, in the clear and light blue sky, down like an angel sent down from the heavens
Birds completely dominated and controlled the unopposed sky
Finches dances with each other and forgot about the cold while the Bald Eagle controlled all
Vast expanses of beauty that only a person in Montana can experience


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