To See Your Exceptional Smile Sparkle

I offer to you my sweet heart every day

In lieu of heaven and honey cakes

I offer to you bouquets of pretty flowers

To see your sensational smile sparkle.


I think of you every second of the day

With you, I would like to go around

Around and around until I get ebriate

Where I’ll be dazed, and you, my love, bewildered.


Love does lavish wonders

Which schlep crazy happy days

Where I devote my faith and my ardor, to you, at all times.


Love opens wide the doors to great happiness

To let in the freshness of an eternal

And magical spring. Woman! I’m dreaming of old times.


P.S. Translation of ‘Pour Voir Jaillir Ton Sourire Exceptionnel’

By Hébert Logerie


Copyright © January 2023, Hébert Logerie, All rights reserved.

Hébert Logerie is the author of several collections of poems.



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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