Pieces of Glitter


United States
45° 38' 22.2432" N, 111° 6' 33.498" W

It's cold tonight,
Here in this soundless, white-canvased neighborhood.
Tiny scratch marks are to be found barely notched into the surface of the snow.
A shiver passes over us,
And tiny pieces of white glitter are twinkling down from the stars.

We are awed by the scene, our eyes flickering at the cool breeze of flakes.
Everything in sight is new and foreign to us.
We are the lost Texan family,
Thrown into a wondrous world below 0º Fahrenheit.

It is so glowingly dark;
The streetlights are illuminating the lowest hanging clouds,
Enclosing us into a life sized snow globe.
Tex, my little white West Highland Terrier,
Disappears in the water colored painting that surrounds us.

Tex shuffles his feet hurriedly
Snuffling his nose through the cottony piles of snow.
Every once in while he turns to glance at me,
As if he is asking confirmation to run along further.

I glance at my dad through the falling rain of glitter.
He smiles so happily; he knew he had picked the perfect place to move.
I tromped over and hugged him, "So this is what its like?"
He laughed and said, "Yes Sweetness. It sure is."

We stood, our eyes ablaze, as the twinkling flakes gently flutter from the stars.



This is amazing! So you moved here to Montana from Texas? Quite the change! I hope you continue to enjoy our beautiful state!

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