Come To The Spring

I heard that you’re doing not-so-well these days
Well, how could you possibly live in this maze?
I remember we both used to moan and groan
We would talk about life and the dark unknown.
Our hearts were connected but our minds were not.
I helplessly looked on as your soul would rot.
You walked in the desert, away from the spring.
I could not hold on, as you cut our heart string.
I haven’t heard from you recently, but I’ve
been hoping and praying that you would survive.
My spirit sends you love, hope, and peace through the wind,
I hope you’ve received them, I hope that you’ve grinned.
The roses will take away your grief and sadness,
The willows will calm the chaos and madness.
Come to the spring, the songbirds await you there
Come to the spring, and breathe in all the fresh air.
I wish I could take your hand and lead you here,
But you know you are too far in the dark, dear.
The maple and daisies will always remain,
I’ll sit under the shade, awaiting the rain.
I’ll wait until you come with your sea of pain.
We’ll talk about life and lovely things,
As your heart mends and the songbird sings.


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