Ode to Dandelions

Mon, 07/08/2013 - 20:16 -- abbyh96


O dandelions dancing in the sun,

You frolic and sway under the bright sky,

But only rise up once spring has begun.

I hope that winter passes quickly by

So we can witness your great elegance:

Your golden petals shine as the stars go,

Surrendering to daybreak’s glowing light,

Illuminating you as days commence.

No one can mask your beauty though

Not even death or darkness of the night,


For you bring promise of new day and life;

Your blossom brings smiles, laughter, and great joys,

Because the winter vanish’d and all strife

Is gone.  Spring cheer revives all girls and boys:

Arise and praise the glorious new spring,

Which has been brought be you, O gracious saints.

Although growing in winter’s frost can be

As difficult as flying with no wing,

You boldly persevere without complaints,

So you are king of hopes and dreams to me.


As you develop puffs as white as snow,

The children as inspir’d to make a wish

To gladly fill their hearts’ desires; They blow

The puffs as soft as cotton with a swish,

In hopes their wildest dreams will soon come true.

Without you mankind is a lost fish found

Outside the water—Then where would we be?

Without your hope—Whatever would we do?

So you are a necessity; You’re crown’d

The king of hopes and dreams for all can see.

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