it's spring, now.

I missed that: Being able to pull somebody close, simply because
I was cold, I was lonely, I was needing something they
provided- a warmth. I have missed that and I have
found it in you, but parts of me wonder if
i have only found it out of a misguided
desperation for warmth like the
animals that burrow together
in preparation for winter
because you know
dear that winter
is coming so
time you
didn’t fare so 
well, the snows
came, surprise, and
you had no time to grow
adapt change until you were
already scarred by the attempts 
to make fire on your own. Your own
misguided desperation for heat. You’ve 
found me now, amid the flaming trees, relief
etched across your face at having found a place
of rescue comfort salvation solace, hidden quiet refuge.
And I feel that relief, too- for heat is something I can’t refuse
but will symbiosis last when spring comes and the cold leaves


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