Sunflower Seeds


Floral prints and straw hats

Sips of lemonade and a gentle scent of daisies

Mix nicely with the cool spring breeze


It has just rained

So grass sticks to the bottom of our feet

Blades swaying between our toes


Weather like this

We could take on the world


But instead, we go to the nearest swing set

And fly from our troubles


Plant some sunflower seeds

To meet our desperate needs

Of needing to feel needed

Few beads of sweat beaded

Down the sides of our dresses

But never reaching our feet, it impresses

Those who envy our youth,

But know not of our earliest heartbreak.

Yes, we have it easy, others easier

But we all have experienced some kind of pain

So after the thunder, lightning, and rain

A new scent, fresh and flirtatious, arrives

Warmth is revived, and the cold abruptly dies

Now the cold is just an old memory locked up

In a wooden chest, in the back bedroom

I'll return there in nine months, to open it up

But until then, let me smell my daisies

And sip my lemonade, because, dammit

These are truly my favorite days.



A very nice poem.

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