Perennial Vogue

Wed, 10/16/2019 - 09:30 -- banshee

            Since blossoming from the florid queen of death herself,
there has always been an exquisite beauty in aesthetic variance.
The floral goth contrast, the inharmonious perennial dance with darkness
Girls and women strive for this visage rooted in the underworld
Where Persephone reigns with Hades.


Each season saw her flourishing popularity among the land of the living,
making her a queen in both worlds.
Efflorescent fate decider, harbinger of spring
Revered or feared below and sensational above,
Mortals aren't the only ones to enjoy technology's earthly luxuries.
A rich immortality in both realms,
Persephone has planted the aesthetic inspiration everywhere
From maidens who crave a taste of the forbidden
To otherworldly musicians weaving her name into lyrics
And spring to summer haute couture.


Narcissus, rose, iris, crocus, larkspur and lily
Garnish crowns of dusky mauve to deathly obsidian
The sweet essence of pomegranate wafting from glass vials
Crushed rose and luscious black cherry staining lips blood red
As the souls of the dead carry their queen's celebrated online boutique —
The absence of mint among natural ingredients a personal note.


She walks the earth as a high fashion muse
Draped in dreamy veils and flowing gowns,
Silk and sequined flowers embellished in splendid materials;
Sheer, chiffon and velvet finery inspired by her own garden.
On dainty feminine features, throats to hands
The most lustrous circles of garnet,
Candied wine straight from the Underworld.
She orchestrates the pastel fashion shows for designers
Spell and the Gypsy, For Love and Lemons
A whimsical presence cherished by stylish women.


Blossom bringer and internet goddess
Persephone's internet following is ever climbing,
Trending across various social media feeds
Poses among cypress with boughs of wheat and lilacs
Artistic fashion campaigns with Aphrodite,
Stylist and occasional  selfie companion.
Granted time with her mother,
Her efflorescent visuals grace Demeter's prestigious gardening blog.
Cerberus and her botanical kingdoms above and below decorate her Instagram
Consoling the harvest divinity come winter
(Though Hades is more camera shy).


She finds each dawn above with a crimson pomegranate blossom from Hades
Sweet buds kissing her pillow
Ripening in color with each day closer to the equinox
Until she returns to the shadows with her eternal love and the Underworld
In a jewel inlaid crown of pristine bone
Leaving mortals with her petaled halos
Bottled POM enjoyed (to Demeter's dismay)
And mentions by the red witch of indie rock.


Cerberus delights in toys from the metropolitan realm
Hades revealing freshly inked black roses, reminiscent of Persephone.
His office is never devoid of color,
Lavish floral interior changed by his otherworldly Queen daily
To lift his death laced aura.


Botanical beautician, couturier, mannequin and social media sensation
Persephone reigns upon death with spring's glory
But the ancient scribes missed her fruitful eternity in between.

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