Falling Suspended

Looking up

through the bones

of trees that stretch

into a purple sky that

darkens steadily as the sun lays its head to sleep.


The first star peeps out;

a frightened child peeping

through the curtain before a show,

wondering if she could find her parents sitting there.


The strong arms of this tree

cradle me high above

the ground that has not yet

turned green with spring.


I wonder what it would be like

to kiss you.

I gaze up at your body

where it rests above me in the branches.


You fly so high above me.

And I, always so afraid of falling,

watch you from below,

and wish I was a bird.


I wonder what it might be like

to run my fingers down your spine,

to hold you in my arms

and whisper in your ear


I love you.


Though, I do not know what those words mean.

I made myself forget

because memories are dull knives that

hack their way through the jungle of time

to now.


I thought I knew what love

is. But I was wrong.

Won't you teach me?

Because I am falling fast

and break easy on the way



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