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There is hope for another day,  A chance to learn from past mistakes, A chance to let a smile fill your face, A chance to let sunlight shine your way.   There is hope for clear, blue skies,
Another day is done  And the night is closing in, Another day we've overcome  Just another day my friend. We put our shoulders to the plow  And made the best of the day,
Dear Dad,   I don't even know where to start. You're still alive, but I feel like you have been gone for a long time.   I miss who you were when you didn't drink, I hardly remember that person anymore.
"NIGHT LONG" *This society is seeming, if you can't not and haven't involve in atrocious things you seem counted out in the society.*
To me you're the sun,And you're right that it's fun,Now in exactly the way that you'd think.Like stretching out just right,In a puddle of light,With a snack, a book, and a drink.
Le ciel bleu n’est pas le paradis Ce n’est pas du tout la même chose Chers amis.  
the day and the life sun in breakfast you eat bun now day is ending now it is time for food bending now brush up your teeth in a grace ok now just wash your face turn on shower and take bath
It is another spring It is a brand new season Another day of light rain falling Another semi-sunny day again
The season of Autum makes me sneeze But the rewards are those of high With a gentle wind & a moderate breeze A view of my dreams race sky-high I like a day with half filled trees
I’ve always hated Tuesday’s ya know. I’m not exactly sure why but it might be because of these 13 reasons I’m about to tell you.  
i awoke and pondered how the day would unfold then i paced and wondered what each minute would hold 'til the seconds unfurled and the clock hands whirled and the smirking moon curled, the night sighed, stars twirled
PERSISTENCE You may be getting little or even none today, but belie'e me, you soon gonna be getting plenty that way if you ain't quit someday.
One day the truth will come out One day they'll know who you are One day you won't be able to hide anymore One day the curtains will move and the spotlight will shine directly at your face
True feeling is as a deep well you can't run outta affection. To the shark of my heart Yur the dream I just woke up from, yet the vision I just ken. If wishes come true I'd wish to choose you
A spirit light, a heart unbound A place to stand, safe from thunderclouds A mind at rest, a heart at peace Where home is warm, and meant to be   A harbor strong amidst the rain
Floating in the silver breeze. A sherbet sky glistened upon her wings A fairy lass so small and sweet floats without a cease Bending grass and trees Awakening flowers from the freeze
I have tons and tons of dream filled with happiness and joy. If I am back to my real life everything vanishes like smoke. Trying to complete my day with happiness and atlast the day ends without an answer.
12:00 AM Good morning I will look at you Smile softly because it’s midnight and time to sleep   1:00 AM Still awake
A slight mist of rain surrounds the coming night, A few scattered summer fireflies flicker in the darkness, An easy breeze swirls, welcomed by the reaching branches, A faint trace of Newports perfumes my apartment,
What I would give for you to hold me in your arms. What I would give to be with you another day. You know, it's tough now, living here without you. But I'm okay. Yeah, I'm okay.   
When we part for the day, I sit and I say, "I love you, I love you, I love you." I hide from your face, I whisper your name, And I love you, I love you, I love you. 
The poet's dead, the song is gone. With dying breath and failing brawn, He whispers a foreboding phrase: "The nights are spent, you waste your days."
As I was sitting, the sun was falling right in front of me. I just sat and thought it was beautiful. It's really not though. The sun goes to war with the night every day.
Where goes the dark when bright mornings rise, And the sun shows its face after sleeping? The Earth keeps its spin as the sullen night dies, And the moon disappears for safekeeping.
Little girl, now don't be sad, I understand your pain, How you feel there's no way out, That you have gone insane.
Little girl, now don't be sad, I understand your pain,How you feel there's no way out,That you have gone insane. That you're a recluse through and through, No friends here you call home, The conflicting anguish inside you,To fight it all alone.  T
Last time around it was 25 to life this time around it's A New Life a new beginning Come on with me they gave me attempted murder aggravated assault with a deadly weapon
It feels like a summer day, Laying on the front porch step.   It feels like an old house, Existing as quite unkept.   It feels like an empty schedule,
Another day, another smile Yesterday she laughed Last night she stayed awake After all, he was why   After talking to her, he didn't want to stop Last thing he wanted was for her to cry
The great American eclips was supposed to be the end of the world. I spent it at work. One o'clock rolled around, And the world turned into a graveyard. All the workers shuffled outside to see.
Today is the day I come out of my shell, looking around with nervous hands. No one can tell I am nervous as I can be. I look up and look down, putting my hands under my thighs and bite my bottom lip.  
Ready! Aim! Fire! Nigeria is ready! Nigeria can Aim! But is Nigeria ready to FIRE?
This silver light does shine tonight. Your celestial body illuminates so bright And brings this will of mine to fight.   As the moon doth draw a curtain upon the Earth, So does my heart for your gentle mirth.
Eyes burnt and veins red, By 3am dreams of life are dead, Is that a trumpet I hear? The sound of the end, freedom from despair, Take me to thee, take me please, This pain hunts me, I’m under attack
Night—I’ve loved you long time. Your shadows no longer scare me, as I have finally realized that you provided my mind, restless with questions
☼ the sun peeks over the rooftops warming the sliver of horizon visible from my window city pigeons transform into morning doves silhouetted against soft yellow melting into blue  
A call of affirmation An air of great suppression Awoken by the stream of light Which beckons me to my day's plight A screaming alarm It means no harm But morning is dreary And I am weary
Life is joy and joy’s in life, but joy’s a waiting game. and without joy there is no life, they mix, they interchange. learn to love and love to learn of all the eye can see.
The rays of golden light danced down planes of dark skin Like the warm blankets  They wrap babies in   When they thrust into this new world With an angry cry  With destiny clasped tightly 
this the type of shit that make you run yo mouth asking how  but only answers are not given to what you amount the sound of clout 
When the bad days come And life is not fair At least it's better Than Donald Trump's hair Though you may be stuck in A terrible position At least it's not during The Spanish Inquisition
It is time to begin my day the sun is out and says "Hooray!" I drag myself out of bed I yawn and scratch my head. Then I can hear the oven humming and down the stairs I come running.
When I first greet the day, it’s not a greeting at all It’s a quiet stirring, an unwillingness to face the day, and overall Quite rude When I open my eyes i’m either faced with blinding rays of
Out of bed, up for the day, Greeting my own reali”tay” Who knows what will happen today in the real world of Arabella? Will I say yes to the dress in Nordstrom or from the toddler get her tiara?
  I greet the day begrudgingly. The sunlight pools in my eyes like tears. It streams down my face and no matter how much I rub it does not come off.
I was elated and the whole throng, Girls were clamourning a cheers song. We frabjously watching the cricket match, One after one enjoyed the defenders catch.. My team won the target,
The flames die out. Ghostly traces of red and orange and purple haunt the sky. The last moments of light cling to the clouds as the weight of the sun is dragged down. Resting place. Somberness rises with the moon.
Day is not for drinking, drugging or dating. Night is for neglect, nicotine and nakedness. Revel in the rambunctousness, rabidness and release. Wake in the morning with
This startedWhen the Gods chose death to be man's allotment.   And though they were wary of our pleas and demandsThe Gods kept life inside of their hands  
Words found me lost, And at once brought me home, So pain would not accost Me at any place that I roam. For an outlet I searched, To take the pain away, But the power 'nside me sat perched,
Wednesdays, the halfway point. When you've finally accepted that school is back in session and are just waiting for it to be over.   It's the stage of acceptance and patience. Very. Little. Patience.
Every day we take one step closer to death All of us are dying, but we are also living How do we know we are living? Growing, changing, hurting, loving, wanting.  Every day we take one step closer to death
Am I failing?  I'm probably failing. Did I pass? Will you look for me? No wait don't look. I'm not ready. Are you sure? Should I go talk to her? Did you say I got an A?
Harsh winds blowing through the air, Freezing you with every step you take. The sun was nowhere to be found; That even a detective could not find it.   Many people shopping in stores,
Began all with something something White as White as Milk would be and as an Angel would look   Blue as Sky Blue as Sea igniting Waters bringing Rains to Rain
Today is a good day Today is a day. Its a day good enough for you to wake up and pray, Let god know that you are thankful for him today. You woke up today, why are you mad?
A child weak, soft like youth Is a lion of eye and tooth In dreams that trickle down like sand, Down a clock, tick-tock the hand, And whisper sweet litanies upon the head
With summer laze and winter days we wend our ways  in the silence of the night. And creeping still, thoughts mill amongst the dying of the bright. But what comes will be and what be will comes
Every day
Night’s existence has inhabited it’s customary frame of space, which has been allotted.
Afraid of the light Shy away from the sun The moon is your sister The raindrops are your tears
In sunshine or rainIn pleasure or pain   In trial or triumphYou are my Godand You are enough.   You make the day,and end the night,Thank you Lordfor my religious rite.  
Is today a good day?  Just because the sun doesn't shine today, doesn't mean it isn't. The rain may bring a good day for someone who has a hard time finding fresh water.
how valuable a day is; sitting there; on the window sill;
So I guess it's one of those days Where I feel like I waste my good life away You know, one of those "I'ma do right today."
A tree standing as a soldier on the front lines dives into a burning ocean  of glorious flickers and flames: A tree that does not make a sound, because nothing is there to hear it splash. 
Palette of gray starts the scene, Hinting white, but never leaving black. Find a section, add more white. Now a drop of yellow, a touch of blue Blending and dabbing, and then lastly,
Letting nature take its turn on me. Feeling the grass prickle my calves,  Poking its way through my clothes- Demanding entrance to brush my skin. Against my arms,  It prances around tentatively.
Dreams of midnight sonnets have passed away
Sun rises and ray beams
Young lust Simmers deeper than a gigantic tidal wave The vivacious fusion of the two bodies Begins to peak into the uppermost realm of infatuation  As they cover each other with outer warmth
Born from Tragedy, A weak Seed planted in the Garden of Grief,
Today is a very special day. Its special becasue it isn't. It had started at midnight. It had a sunrise: A farewell ceremony to the moon. And as dawn danced upon the Earth, the world began to awaken.
Hello my darling, 
It was a drowsy battle that yearned for sleep. The light and the darkness. And I found myself in it. Instigating and terminating its intentions of cruelty. But what if I mistaked its cruelty for consideration?
I love the smell ofRain. The thought of being cleansedfrom dirt- I can't wait!
What you see,
The days slowly creep past me, so suddenly And as the deepest orange sunray peek upon the horizon before making its appearance.. I'm alive
it goes like this: the clock reads 7:06am cloudy skies, morning mist on the window i am swallowed by silence  clod toes, cold nose, cold heart the coffee warms my throat, warms my toes,
My sunlight, you bring the daytime smiles and keep them from slipping.   One table for two. We wake from slumber in a café of our own, settled in the heat of blankets
On a clear night, I look up and think that the sidewalk would rise vertical so that I may walk all those miles to the stars and on a bright morning as the sun still nudges the horizon,
Here's another older one to round out the 5 for tonight :3 I'll post more tomorrow, maybe I'll even write a fresh one for you~*   Dreams boil in my chest Hot and fierce they burn my flesh
I know so many people that hate the rain and love the day.   But me?
  Rejoice! A new day is dawning
I have never slowed down. Ran afraid from it all. My pain that I harbor from every time I fall.   I have hid in shame and have froze in fear. I've even morned the death
I have never slowed down. Ran afraid from it all. My pain that I harbor from every time I fall.   I have hid in shame and have froze in fear. I've even morned the death
I am the villian of my own choices and there is no one to blame
All of our dreams have been the same- to spread our wings and take flight with the hot sun beating down and strong winds blowing.
Thick clouds cover Darkness hovers In the sky The sun waves goodbye
For the moment passing, fearful and somber,
Here we found our home
Night wasn’t your typical girl Her eyes shown like the full moon Against her dark blue hair Her smile twinkling like the stars
Life is a dayOf a thousand hoursA million secondsA millennia's worthOf cool breezes and breathsThat escape past our lipsIn smiles and sighs and laughsDrawn unsuspecting from our souls
  A lost memory  
TO: All those who toss & turn late at nightFROM: InsomniaDATE: 12/30/2013SUBJECT: Late at night, what crosses your mind? 
Have you e
What a difference between night and day.
The sunlight brightness my room, but yet I cant see it The birds sing the songs of springs, but yet i can hear it 
He's not mine to love.
The night is cold and still.
Whence comes the frightful night That e’er travels in such rude delight And wherefore does it cause strife Cutting hearts like brutal knife
The curtains softly sway with the windPeacefully embracing a new dayEverything comes to focus, glazed in golden incandescenceSunlight caught on your eyelashes
Another wakening drives us to chaosAnother tear into madnessClouded by seas of redemption Deep within the heart ofViolet-coral eyes lies an angelOf dove sewn lies and demon torn cries
Today will be a reading kind of day. I bought a brand new book, Catch 22. It’s classic, clever and the cover’s blue. What else will I do on a day so grey?
A day. 24 hours. 1,440 minutes. 84,600 seconds. So many things can change. shift. evolve. dissolve. resolve.  Revolve around useless emotions and empty words. Who you were at 8am is not who you are at 8pm.
Late lonely nights I wander aimlessly in the thick, suffocating darkness that dances in envy around the glistening liquid moonlight
Miles away apart from grace, I need your love to guide me through; where no fear is ever known. Though seclude, I feel right at home. Late at night, like my overseer  I feel you watching my every move.
Based off of “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” by Maya Angelou   The Day roars sunlight at the first break of morning and sheds out his mane till only his sun commands and pounces happily in his playful freedom.
How many years has its been since you gave birth to yours truly? We've had our ups and downs, many times, but I've kept you in mind lovingly. I know that I haven't been the perfect child, but honestly
So much pain So much violence So much suffering So much senselessness. People killing People hating People running People dieing.
Dana never could remember what was proper to say His only concern ever was to make someone's day. So when Dana saw a girl, as lonely as could be, He walked up to that girl, and that girl was me.
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