a good day.

Tue, 10/18/2016 - 23:17 -- kgould

the sun peeks over the rooftops

warming the sliver of horizon visible from my window

city pigeons transform into morning doves

silhouetted against soft yellow melting into blue


the air is chilling with every intake

the kind that makes your throat tickle

cold, but not biting

nothing a cup of hot coffee can't fix


my window invites a breeze

lace curtains billowing

wind whirling around the room

whisking away the featherlight


my pillow holds captured dreams

woven into the cotton fibers

dreams of creating, making, innovating

dreams i've held onto for ages



every fiber of me

wants to steal those dreams from my pillow

and make them



it is a new day

a new opportunity

to grow closer to my dream


to paint

to film

to photograph

to ink


to practice



i am the only one that can make my dreams a reality



i believe anything is possible if you work hard enough for it



nothing changes


nothing changes


when the sun sets over the distant mountains

when the doves take to their rooftop nests

when i climb into bed at night

i want to be able to say


i brought myself closer to my dream

it was a good day.

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